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My History

My parents raised me with two siblings brought up to respect others and to always be honest. My parents were and still are hard-working Americans. My father owned many different companies.

My father got into the air conditioning and heating business. I worked with my father occasionally, and he taught me an excellent work ethic. I learned a lot from my father just by watching how he dealt with customers and carried himself.

One time really sticks out in my mind that had a huge effect on who I am as a person and how I carry myself. He went to an elderly lady’s house on a service call. Her AC unit was not working, and she wanted a comparative bid.

Another ac company had given her a very high price to fix her ac unit. My father, being the straightforward guy he is, found that it was a simple fix and only charged the lady $60 for a service call. She was in disbelief compared to what the other company wanted to charge, which was closer to $1,000!

This really shaped me into the businessman that I am today. I strive to be like my father, to give honest, straightforward, excellent workmanship. My father built his businesses by word of mouth, didn’t have marketing, and didn’t have any unique way of getting more business. My father was busy with referrals and the quality of work he provided his customers.

How I Started

My family and I moved to Austin, Texas, after my sophomore year in high school back in 2001-2002, where my dad was offered part ownership in managing a laboratory running blood work for Doctors’ offices and cash-pay clients.

After graduating from Cedar Park High School, I went to Austin Community College for a semester and worked as a busboy for a restaurant. I quickly realized I wanted to do something different, leading to my first sales position.

I started my sales career at National Tire and Battery at the age of 19. I quickly became the #1 salesman in the Austin, Texas, region. I remember one of the first things my boss Mike Reece told me. He said, “you see the clients walking through the door? Those are the people you work for; treat them with respect!” This really hit home and stuck with me from that point on, and I carried on to every company I worked for. And eventually to the companies I proudly own today.

Fast forward to 2010, my old sales manager at NTB, Mike Reece, had changed his career and got me into the roofing industry. I saw an opportunity to develop my people skills, provide value to customers, and make a good living. My career started in Austin, and then I traveled to Oklahoma for six months and then to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2011. I gained a lot of experience with different roofing systems in different markets.

Every company I worked for always had me train the new hires because of my attention to detail and thorough explanation. I was put in positions for customer relations because I cared about the customers and always did my best to come up with a solution to their problems.

We all know that nothing is ever perfect; it is our duty as professionals to go above and beyond for the customer, but at least to listen and understand the position which they are coming from.

And to do everything we can to create a solution and make it right. How frustrating when you deal with companies that do not care about customers’ problems and just brush them off? We do not expect perfection, but we expect better.

How I Ended Up in Denver, CO

I moved back to Austin, Texas, in 2012 to be with family and friends. I did not want to travel for work anymore; it really took a toll on me. All work and no life did not fit with who I was striving to become, and I needed a balance.

Ironically, I met a lovely girl named Chen through my mother, which was kind of weird at first. I mean, who wants to meet a girl through their mother, right? Not me, but she was beautiful! We ended up dating.

I had a business opportunity in NY, so we decided to go on a road trip, and on the way back from NY, we stopped and visited some friends in Englewood, Colorado. It was October of 2013. For the last ten years of my life, I had lived in warmer climates that did not really have a real “winter” where the holidays did not feel like the holidays without snow.

I stood outside enjoying the cool weather, looking at the snow top mountains, reminiscing on my first snowboarding trip back in 2012 in Colorado. I walked inside our friend’s house and asked Chen if she wanted to move to Colorado. She asked me, “are you serious?” I said, “serious as a heartbeat.” Five days later, after asking if she wanted to move, we had already driven back from Texas with all our belongings. The following year we got married in August of 2013, and now we have three beautiful children.

How The Chimney Kings Was Established

I have always been driven by serving my community, providing value to others, and doing my best to provide excellence in customer service; it was time for me to go on my own. After working for Randy Brothers with Elite Roofing for 10 months, I decided to open Denver Roofing and Construction, where I started to serve the Denver Metro area.

I found out about the chimney and fireplace industry through a good friend. It would complement my roofing company, and I could provide more value to those I serve. I would help families protect their biggest investments, families, and homes.

It would put me in front of more people and build strong relationships with homeowners, realtors, HOAs, commercial building owners, and property management companies. This is something that I wanted to get into for the long haul.

Join Our Chimney Family

I strongly believe in customer service and excellence, going above and beyond for all my customers. I made this happen with the team I brought together, and now we are The Chimney Kings!

We strive daily to provide our customers with quality services at an excellent value. Whether a simple chimney sweep or a chimney repair, we aim to ensure that all our customers are 100% satisfied with our services. We have become one of the premier chimney service companies in the Denver Metro area.

We are always looking to expand and hire honest, hard-working Americans. If you want to join the family, please get in touch with us to see if we have any open positions.

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Kfir W.

As a boy, I used to climb trees and stand on the top of the roof of my childhood house. I love the adrenaline and looking at the world from an aerial perspective. This is why everybody calls me The Chimney King!