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Wildlife Control Services for Your Chimney

When you think of wildlife removal services, you may not be considering your local chimney sweep company. Still, your chimney and fireplace also present a prime nesting area for many wild animals in Colorado. This is not only a health hazard but also a fire hazard and a great annoyance for home and business owners. American wildlife is one of the more beautiful parts of our world. While you may not consider your crawl space or chimney cap a prime home for unwanted visitors – it is one of the more common issues we see as chimney & fireplace specialists.

pigeon in chimney
Don’t you love pigeons? No, neither do we. Especially when they take up residence in our home! But we certainly don’t wish harm upon them and will work to remove them humanely.

Wildlife Removal, Control, and Trapping in Denver, CO

The Chimney Kings are fully licensed, bonded, and insured technicians – we are highly trained and graciously skilled in damage repair and animal removal. When you have a foul odor from your chimney or fireplace, – pocket gophers may not be the first thing on your mind.

hearth inspection
An inspection of your hearth will uncover disease-borne traces of animal presence such as bird droppings.

The Process of Our Animal Removal Services in Greater Denver

The Chimney Kings are leaders in humane animal control and wildlife removal. If you have a pesty critter in your residence, our business removal services include the following:

  • A complete inspection of your chimney to locate all points of entry, nesting, or droppings.
  • Humane & safe traps and extraction plans will be set to capture your unwanted visitors.
  • Sealing off any areas of possible access.
  • Cleaning and continued maintenance.
birds nest with chicks
If you’re confronted by this sight in your chimney rather than in a tree, don’t worry. The Chimney Kings have years of experience removing animals humanely from your property!

Humane & Professional Wildlife Removal Service

Our expert animal control technicians will complete an inspection and humanely remove all wild species in your chimney – sealing off all entry points (crawl spaces/attic) and assisting in cleaning services to ensure our removal services are not consistently required. (Even though we can support you in wildlife removal, we do not want our customers to have repeat offenders.)

The Chimney Kings are masters in our craft, offering great customer service, exclusion services, and humanity for all American wildlife we come into contact with. Our customers come first – customer satisfaction and great service is always guaranteed from our mammals to yours!

rodents in chimney
Most wild animals, such as rodents, carry disease wherever they travel. And a nice warm chimney can be a very alluring place for them.

Prestigious Pest Control Company

Colorado wildlife is a more significant part of our ecosystem; however, where humans have settled and created communities should not be riddled with pests and animal removal issues. The Chimney Kings promotes accessible, affordable, and compassionate animal removal solutions.

rat problem iconRat Problem? Denver Rat Removal

A rat infestation for residential or commercial properties is just about the last kind of pest people want to deal with. Animals can be somewhat demanding, and often, rats burrow in small, dark spaces to secure themselves through the winter. The Kings have a wide range of experience removing squirrels and smaller rodents. Our experts will ensure every entry point is sealed off once the extraction is complete, as we want to prevent any further unexpected visits.

racoon pest
Racoons are a cornerstone of suburban wildlife and have no problem leaving their mark upon your home. We’ll ensure they are relocated safely!

racoon iconDenver Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons are frequent offenders in the chimney squatting world. We often deal with whole families of raccoons – baby raccoons and raccoon feces. Our animal removal technicians will assess the situation, identify any entry points, and complete animal trapping and extraction all on the same day! While we love animals and the lovely Colorado wildlife – they don’t need to be sleeping in our customer’s chimneys, and we will ensure that.

bird iconBird & Snake Removal

Birds have additional access to your chimney’s point of entry and anywhere on the roof – they think they have the upper hand because they can fly, but The Chimney Kings have completed safe and effective bird removals for years. Snakes are another are not fan favorite, but now and then, it is possible to come across a snake in your home – when that happens, you know who to call.

Our removal techs want to ensure the safety of our clients and the animals – we always suggest enclosing any area you locate a snake or any animal until we can inspect and complete the removal process.

dead animal iconDead Animal Removal Services

As a home or business owner, the last thing you want to walk into is a deceased animal. If you discover a dead rodent or are dealing with a horrendous smell from a carcass you cannot locate, be mindful because it is a hazard to your health and causes further infestations with insects.

Many animal control departments will not come to your home to remove dead animals, but The Chimney Kings will locate, extract, clean, sanitize & safely dispose of the deceased animal! Our dead animal removal service is meant to prevent the spread of further disease, bacteria, or insects within your home or business. We prioritize ensuring our client’s health and safety above all else!

animal control iconAnimal Control Assistance

Colorado Animal Control will sometimes extract and remove animals with The Chimney Kings. This is a part of making the process humane, but that is in rare instances. Animal control and wildlife removal are two very different worlds. If wildlife is located that has been endangered or rare species – animal control may become involved, but otherwise, they generally only deal with life-threatening situations. Our company is here to maintain the comfort of homes and businesses in the Denver metro area. 

bats carry viruses
Bats carry viruses, including the one causing covid-19, with few ill effects to themselves. It’s essential they be removed as soon as they’re detected in your home.

bat iconOther Pests

You may not consider bats an ordinary member of Colorado wildlife, but bats love chimneys. A chimney is similar to cave environments; they are dark and easy to hide in. The Chimney Kings is experienced in removing all kinds of animals, and bats are no exception. Our bat removal services include inspecting, handling, extracting, and supporting bat guano cleanup to ensure your home and chimney are thoroughly sanitized and safe.

Nuisance Wildlife Issues? Don’t Turn to Costly Pest Control Companies

We always inspect crawl spaces and attics for damage because pests enjoy gnawing at electrical wires and leaving behind their droppings. Attic cleanup and attic restoration services may be required and will be conveyed by our removal specialists if needed!

Being nuanced by unwanted animals in your chimney flue and home can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. If you hope to use their services, pest control businesses charge for continued maintenance annually. Still, The Chimney Kings offers customized inspections to remove and resolve all animal control problems humanely.

call us for wildlife removal
Our safe animal removal methods are among the best in the business. Call us today if you notice any unwelcome guests!

Contact The Chimney Kings for Your Wildlife Issue & Removal in Denver

The Chimney Kings are the best animal removal service for Denver bat control, prairie dogs, or any wild animal your home or business may be plagued by. Rodent control can be similar to dealing with bed bugs, one of life’s more considerable nuisances.

The Chimney Kings supports the greater Denver area, Castle Rock, Boulder, Wheat Ridge, Highlands Ranch, Commerce City, and beyond! We are Colorado’s leader in safe animal removal services, and we look forward to continuing our work to maintain the safety of our friends and neighbors in Denver.

If you are grappling with a mysterious foul odor, pesky unwanted visitors, and wildlife, you just can’t seem to gain control of – reach out to one of our experts today at (303) 331-7978. We will rid your chimney of animal visitors and restore sanity to your home or business!

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