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Denver’s Leaders in Gas Fireplace Repairs

Gas fireplaces are convenient and provide ample comfort to any home or business. You don’t have the added issue of finding and gathering logs or firewood to light and enjoy a fire. It is as easy as flipping a switch – and you have a bright, beautiful fire in your living room.

But when all of a sudden – you are dealing with issues and your gas fireplace doesn’t turn on, your gas insert breaks down, or you are smelling something similar to the scent of gas leaks – quality gas fireplace repairs are non-negotiable.

The Chimney Kings of Denver, Colorado, offer efficient, reliable, and expert gas fireplace repair for residential and commercial properties. We will also service and repair wood-burning fireplaces, wood-burning & pellet stoves, freestanding fireplaces, and much more!

We operate within our community to serve our fellow neighbors, family, and friends. It is our mission to supply affordable & accessible inspection, maintenance, repair, and cleaning services for Colorado fireplaces – to provide safety for all the homes and businesses in our neighborhood because a safe home is the number one priority!

fireplace repair denver co
As an award winning Colorado repair company, Chimney Kings set the standard for fireplace repairs and keeping you warm in the winter months!

Professional Fireplace Repair Company

The Chimney Kings is unlike other masonry companies in the industry -We are an award-winning Colorado fireplace repair company and come highly recommended. We are family-owned, locally operated, and proud to serve the families of the Denver metro area. A safe home and business mean having a properly working fireplace – gas, wood, or otherwise.

Gas fireplace repair is our specialty, so when you are dealing with a gas connection or pilot light issue – we are the ones for the job. We operate according to a higher realm of standards when it comes to repair, needs for replacement, and installation.

ONE HOUR fireplace repair PROJECTExcellent Customer Service & High-Quality Technicians

Our business is composed and operated by a top-tier team of professionals who specialize in our award-winning gas fireplace repair. We want you to feel confident with the pricing and professionals we send out for every service call.

Every gas fireplace repair should be completed in under one hour – we are dedicated to ensuring everything is completed with care, precision, and in a timely manner. We are highly experienced in the repairs of gas fireplaces.

gas fireplace denver co
A gas fireplace is the centerpiece of every living room. So if you are experiencing problems with your fireplace, call us today!

What Can Go Wrong with Gas Fireplaces?

If you are experiencing difficulty or problems with your gas fireplace? Is this causing inconvenience to your life and home? The Chimney Kings is Denver’s go-to gas fireplace repair and replacement services company.

As a family-owned chimney company in Colorado – we understand the importance of maintaining safety in your home and controlling the heating appliances within your space. When things start going wrong, it is crucial to focus your energy on getting it fixed as soon as possible to guarantee the security and comfort of your living space.

There are different things that could be causing you issues with gas fireplaces; those may include any of the following:

not workingBroken Down Gas Fireplace

When your gas fireplace doesn’t turn on, or you experience a breakdown, a few different things could happen. If your pilot light remains on, but the burners are not igniting – it could be an issue due to blockage or thermostat problems inhibiting flames from lighting within the logs. This could also be an electrical controversy due to wiring or a simple defect with the thermocouple.

pilot lightPilot Light Out

If you are dealing with an issue with the pilot light – you should begin by referring to the manufacturer’s guide for accurate troubleshooting. It should guide you through any gas & hearth issue, but if nothing avails, there could be a hole in the vent cap, and a new one will need to be installed by a professional.

fireplace soot and dirt
Surprise-surprise: fireplaces can produce some of the dirtiest corners of your home in the form of soot and dirt. If you don’t clean out your fireplace after each use, it’s not going to be a pretty sight!

soot and dirtSoot and Dirt

Soot is inevitable with any fireplace, but regular maintenance and cleaning should be done yearly to prevent and control the build-up. When you install a new gas fireplace, there should be little to none, but over time; you may see that build-up begin to increase. If there is an excess of soot, it can cause issues with the fuel, oxygen levels, obstruction, and blockage.

soot and dirtStrange Smells Or Even Stranger Noises

Gas fireplaces will make noises and create smells, but they should not be anything out of the ordinary. The fire will crackle, and you will hear the pilot light click on, but if you hear roaring or rumbling – or smelling gas, this is an immediate cause to call The Chimney King Denver technicians in for a safety inspection.

Our elite gas fireplace service promotes safety and health for your chimney and fireplace. We will have a technician come out for an appointment to assess, inspect and diagnose the problem at hand. From there, we can review your options for gas fireplace service or the possibility of getting a brand-new one installed!

fireplace repair services denver co
Our team in action clearly have no qualms getting their hands dirty! Our range of expertise covers chimney repairs, cleaning, fireplace repairs, and replacements!

Our Gas Fireplace Repair Services

As leaders in the gas and hearth industry in Denver, we have seen almost everything regarding fireplace install, cleaning, and gas fireplace repairs. When you reach out to The Chimney Kings for any appointment with any of our gas fireplace service options, you can expect a job well done every single time.

free estimateFree Assessment & Estimate

Every gas fireplace service offered includes a free estimate and consultation to review the current problem in question, proposed solutions, and the scheduling of your appointment. We want our customers in Denver to feel confident about the quote they are provided and understand their gas fireplace problems entirely.

inspectionThorough Inspection

Chimney and gas fireplace service inspections are recommended annually. Still, The Chimney Kings will include an examination during every repair process to accurately diagnose the problem and rule out significant safety risks like – gas leaks or fire hazards. This also allows us to see if there is perhaps more than one thing going on. Fireplaces are intricate systems, and everything must work in unison; sometimes, one problem can be linked to another.

fireplace service and repair
Don’t wait until it’s already winter! Call us today to schedule a service repair for your fireplace.

fireplace repair workService and Repair

You can finally relax as our techs and fireplace experts complete your repairs and service your fireplace to upgrade your life and restore a sense of normalcy to your home or business. We want to ensure your fireplace runs great and safely – while providing comprehensive solutions for your chimney and fireplace necessities. We will make sure to review all repairs that were completed and clean up before leaving!

fireplace service optionsGas Fireplace Maintenance Options Available

With every repair or cleaning service we complete – we offer continued maintenance and routine inspections to follow up on your gas fireplace. This is to ensure everything is running correctly, prevent further repairs from being required, and maintain the continued safety of your home or business. Being proactive and committing to routine inspections will save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

gas fireplace installationGas Fireplace Installation

If a repair service does not or simply cannot resolve the issues you are experiencing, The Chimney Kings can complete the gas fireplace installation! We make recommendations according to the severity of the problems and work with you to figure out what works best for your home. Our fireplace install service has been rated one of the best in Denver, as we are dedicated to bringing the heat and supplying our clients with quality heating solutions.

superior chimney sweeps and cleaning
Our superior chimney and fireplace cleaning services are second to none and we service homes all throughout the Denver Area!

The Finest Chimney Sweeps & Fireplace Repairs in Denver, Colorado

The Chimney Kings is a different kind of gas fireplace repair company – we offer service solutions and guarantee peace of mind and complete comfort to our residential and commercial clientele. We prioritize safety over anything and strive to cultivate advanced & explicit fireplace repair services, no matter how big or small the job may be.

Our superior chimney sweeps and cleaning will keep your gas fireplace running fresh and looking beautiful – while our outstanding repair service will promote the continued health and wellness of your heating. Being in the fireplace and hearth industry means being tasked with an enormous responsibility, and we do not take our responsibilities lightly.

Our technicians are experts in their craft, our staff is leaders in customer service, and our company is dedicated to supporting and upholding the values we wish to exude to our customers and surrounding community. When something goes wrong, we are the ones to make it right, and we want to ensure that satisfaction and security are always the end result of every fireplace repair visit.

talk to us todayCall for Your Cost-Effective Gas Fireplace Service and Repair

If something is going on with your fireplace – your pilot light is acting up, or you just aren’t getting the same kind of flames that you used to, The Chimney Kings offers an accurate diagnosis and resolution to any and all of your worries.

Call us at (303) 331-7978 to regain control of your life and be prepared for winter before it comes. We look forward to lighting your fire and can’t wait to meet you!

What Our Customers Have to Say About Our Fireplace Repair Service

persona susan sProfessional Service Technician & Service in Castle Rock

“It was the dead of winter, and I was ill-prepared to begin repairs on my fireplace. I reached out to The Chimney Kings through a referral from my neighbor in Castle Rock, and I am delighted by how quickly they came out to inspect, service, and repair my system! Everything is fixed, and my fireplace runs great!” – Susan S.

persona bob tGas Fireplace Meltdown in Boulder, CO

“My gas fireplace has been causing me issues for a few years but never got around to fixing it. I considered installing a new one, so I checked out some installation companies in the Boulder area on the internet – Spa Brokers, Chimney Sweeps, etc. The Chimney Kings was at my home today and provided me with a quote; they came out and were able to complete repairs in one hour. I couldn’t speak of them any higher; their gas fireplace repairs were excellent!” – Bob T.

persona erika mGreat Service & Quick Repairs in Aurora, CO

“I needed chimney sweeps and to have my gas fireplace serviced. I was referred to The Chimney Kings by a friend in Wheat Ridge who had recently used their company. The staff was incredibly transparent and friendly. The technician who completed our service call was extremely knowledgeable and professional, and I appreciate how informative they were about everything happening with my fireplace. If you need help repairing your gas fireplace, I highly recommend them!” – Erika M.

persona debra rBroomfield Wood-Burning Fireplace Replacement

“I have a wood-burning fireplace and was having significant trouble with the damper. I located The Chimney Kings after a quick Google search, and I was able to schedule an appointment easily. Their team of professionals troubleshot and repaired everything while making some replacements, and before I knew it – my house was warm again!

I am looking forward to lighting many fires this winter, and I am very grateful to The Kings; they were very helpful and got the job done.” – Debra R.

persona michael dCourteous Technicians & Affordable Fireplace Repair in Littleton, Colorado

“My fireplace had been out of order for a while but repairing it seemed out of reach for my current budget. I decided to shop around with companies in Denver, and once The Chimney Kings provided my quote – I couldn’t pass it up. They completed the service call in under an hour, and I even scheduled with them for annual maintenance services! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone and everyone!” – Michael D.

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