Chimney Services in Denver, CO

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As the best chimney sweep in Denver, CO, the Chimney Kings team specializes in various chimney and fireplace services. Our experienced technicians use advanced chimney sweeping technology to ensure your chimney is clean and safe. We offer chimney sweep services that include visual inspections, cleaning, and repairs for commercial and residential customers.

chimney repair
Never a dull moment with The Chimney Kings! Our comprehensive range of services will meet all your chimney needs.

Our Comprehensive Range of Services

At The Chimney Kings, we offer a wide array of chimney & fireplace services to meet the needs of our Denver, CO, clientele, including:

  • Chimney sweeping and chimney cleaning
  • Chimney inspections and chimney repairs
  • Gas fireplace installation and maintenance
  • Dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning
  • Chimney cap installation and replacement
  • Humane animal removal services
chimney sweep
No Mary Poppins action here. Our chimney sweeping services are carried out with the latest state of the art equipment!

Chimney Sweep Denver CO: The Chimney Kings Difference

Regarding the chimney sweep and cleaning services in Denver, The Chimney Kings stand out from the competition. Our chimney sweeps use state-of-the-art chimney sweeping technology to ensure your fireplace is in tip-top shape, ready to provide warmth and comfort for your family. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, our experienced technicians perform thorough chimney inspections to identify and fix fundamental masonry issues, repair defective flue tiles, and ensure the overall safety of your chimney.

chimney cleaningChimney Cleaning and Maintenance

Routine chimney cleaning and maintenance are essential for keeping your fireplace running smoothly and safely. Our Denver chimney cleaning services cater to wood-burning fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and gas fireplaces. We can also help you with fireplace cleaning and new fireplace installations.

gas fireplaceGas Fireplace Services

Our team of gas fireplace installers is trained to handle all your gas fireplace needs, from installing a new gas fireplace or gas fireplace insert to fixing an inoperable gas fireplace. We work with all gas fireplaces to ensure they are in tip-top shape and operating efficiently.

dryer vent cleaning
Is your dryer vent in need of cleaning? Our professions will clear it out for you!

Dryer Vent Cleaning and Air Duct Services

At The Chimney Kings, we don’t just do chimneys. We also provide dryer vent cleaning and air duct services to keep your home safe and efficient. Our dryer vent cleaning services will help prevent dangerous dryer fires and improve the performance of your dryer.

chimney inspection
Making sure we detect and repair any cracks in your chimney cap or crown is our main priority. Our team have decades of combined experience repairing and replacing chimney masonry.

Chimney Repair and Replacement

Our chimney repair services include fixing fundamental masonry issues, repairing defective flue tiles, and installing chimney caps. Our experienced technicians can help with more significant problems, such as a complete chimney replacement or rebuild.

hearth inspection
Regular chimney inspections, including your hearth, will prevent your chimney from falling into disrepair

Chimney Inspection

Regular chimney inspections are crucial for maintaining chimneys and ensuring the safety of your home. Our chimney inspection services adhere to the guidelines set by the Chimney Safety Institute and the National Fire Protection Association. We offer chimney inspections for residential and commercial customers, ensuring complete peace of mind.

wood stove
Choosing a wood burning stove that suits the needs of your home can be tricky depending on the size of your living room. Our team will be happy to assist in picking out the best models for you.

Wood Stove and Pellet Stove Services

We are experts in wood and pellet stove installations, repairs, and maintenance. Our team can help you choose the right wood-burning or pellet stove for your needs, install venting, and ensure your new stove operates safely and efficiently.

animal removal
Removing unwanted furry or feathery guests is vital to ensuring a clean, disease-free home. Our team are seasoned in humane animal removing methods!

Animal Removal Services

If you have an unwanted visitor residing in your chimney, our humane animal removal services can help. Our technicians are trained to safely and humanely remove animals from ducts and provide solutions to prevent future issues.

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