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Your Top Choice for Chimney Sweeps & Fireplace Inspection Services in Denver, CO

Searching out a company for anything related to chimney upkeep can be incredibly frustrating, and sometimes it can feel as if chimney sweeping is out of your reach. The Chimney Kings of Denver, CO, is a locally owned and operated business that provides superior services in fireplace and chimney inspections and maintenance for commercial and residential customers.

Our mission is to supply our friends and neighbors in Colorado with select options for their chimney system to provide our residential customers complete peace of mind and understanding for their fireplace service and home safety. Our clients can count on our team of Denver chimney technicians for all of their fireplace needs.

chimneyCertified Chimney Professionals

All of our chimney sweeps and inspection services are completed by certified chimney specialists – certified by the National Fire Protection Association, and all have undergone extensive training with the Chimney Safety Institute. Approaching every annual inspection with the utmost skill and extremely professional service.

Whether you require help with a pellet stove, general annual inspections, a deep clean chimney, installation of a new fireplace, wood stoves, or an unwanted visitor residing in your existing fireplace…The Chimney Kings aims to do Denver chimney cleaning and inspecting right to ensure your home’s security and keep your family safe!

We proudly serve customers in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding areas – Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Golden, Centennial, Parker, Black Hawk, Aurora, Arvada, Boulder, Longmont, Thorton, Brighton, and beyond!

Our honest prices are meant to make our excellent service accessible to everyone. Check out our financing options because a fair price for your fireplaces is crucial for the residents of Denver, CO.

chimney in need of repair
Natural weathering and deterioration to the outside structure means that your chimney is due for an inspection

When Are Chimney Inspection Services Needed?

A great company can be challenging to come by, and keeping your fireplace in tip-top shape is not something homeowners always prioritize. A chimney inspection is essential every year to ensure the safety of your fireplace and the comfort of your home. Depending on your type of fireplace, there are different requirements and any possible issues you are experiencing with your fireplace chimney.

If you are curious as to whether or not your Denver chimney system is due for an inspection and chimney sweep, there are a few things you can consider…

Understanding the age of your fireplace (new fireplace vs. old), how often it is used, and its typical viability. Older fireplaces that are used often will require more maintenance than brand-new pellet stoves or heating appliances.

Watch out for signifiers of freeze-thaw throughout the winter months. Any free-thaw cycle can cause major damage to your chimney and fireplace systems.

Watch for general wear down of your chimney, gas fireplace, chimney cap, wood-burning stove, and air ducts. You may notice some damage or wear and tear throughout time, but professionals should review anything significant immediately.

Be wary of the build-up of ash, dirt, or any combustible deposits – this could become incredibly dangerous and must be consistently watched to avoid a possible fire or unintended combustion.

fireplaceWhy Does My Fireplace Need Regular Chimney Service?

Unsafe conditions can develop overnight, or overtime – maintaining chimneys is something every homeowner needs to make a priority to ensure the safety of their house and family.

solid chimney inspection will ensure that your old or new fireplaces remain in the best available condition.

Denver, Colorado, is known for its cold winters – fireplace and chimney needs are rising because the colder it is, the more the fireplace is used.

At the end of the day, it honestly doesn’t matter what kind of fireplace system you have – every type of fireplace deserves an annual inspection. The inspection should be detailed, safe, and reasonably priced.

The Chimney Kings Denver, CO, are your local experts supplying reliable annual inspections at reasonable prices. Our customers are why our business operates – we strive to guarantee certified chimney maintenance, repair, inspections, and fresh sweeps!

chimney inspection
Call us today for an inspection on your chimney! We’re seasoned professionals when it comes to all parts of the chimney structure, from hearth to rooftop!

In Need of a Chimney Inspection?

No matter what kind of chimney sweeps you seek – wood stove, gas fireplace insert, chimney pipe, etc. – The Chimney Kings of Denver, Colorado will provide premium chimney inspection and chimney sweeps! We are certainly not Chimney Sweeps of America or Midtown Chimney Sweeps; we don’t intend to be other inspection and cleaning services.

Our attention to detail, excellent customer serviceimmense skill, and safety protocol set us apart. We prioritize a good chimney sweep and dryer vent cleaning, coupled with an inspection – you cannot underestimate the power of a fresh air duct, proper chimney caps, and your annual inspection with the Kings!

Annual inspections are our specialty. Our experience lends to the success and continued functioning of your fireplace. We follow standards set forth by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and strict protocols when we complete any inspection service.

These guidelines are meant to protect you and your home, preventing costly repairs and producing a healthy wood or gas fireplace to gather around all year long if you would like.

Gas FireplaceGas Fireplace Inspection Service

It is an annual task to complete chimney sweeps and inspections for your gas fireplace. Different manufacturers will have specific requirements, but generally, yearly is the majority consensus.

Your gas fireplace is meant to provide sufficient warmth in the cold months of Colorado. During those months, your inspection annual inspection is not the only thing that matters. Chimney sweeps and a legitimate cleaning will help to provide even better heat to your homes and family rooms.

During a gas fireplace inspectionThe Chimney Kings will include the following:

  • Inspect the burner, firebox area, and pilot.
  • Removal of media to ensure there is no damage or need for replacement.
  • Clean glass, check glass contacts, and check the gasket to ensure the seal is tight and there is no air leaking or need for repair.
  • Start up the main burner, inspect the burner, and pilot flame over 20 minutes to ensure the flame is the correct color.
  • Ensure blower operation is up to par.
  • Inspection of your chimney cap and crown if applicable.
  • Include chimney sweeps and clean-up of any debris and build-up within the venting system – alongside a full inspection.
  • With any damages or need for repair – our crew will address those issues to discuss the game plan to complete repairs.
wood burning fireplace
Nothing’s more welcoming during the winter months than a wood burning fireplace. Be sure to schedule a routine checkup to avoid turning your living room centerpiece into a health hazard

Wood Burning FireplaceWood Burning Fireplace Inspection Service

wood-burning fireplace inspection should also be done annually and requires professionals to review every aspect of your fireplace to provide security to the homeowners.

Inspections and chimney sweeps for a wood-burning stove or fireplace look similar to a gas fireplace. Still, because they are created using different manufacturers and include entirely other parts – there is a contrasting approach.

The Chimney Kings of Colorado will include the following in your wood fireplace inspection services:

  • Professionals will check for any damage to your floor and surrounding wall protection and firebox – drop cloths will be used to protect your home during inspection and cleaning.
  • Check for any rust damage, smoke, or leak stains.
  • All gaskets, gasket ropes, doors, and widow seals will be secured to ensure fit and function.
  • The chimney damper will be thoroughly reviewed to ensure it can avidly release smoke and is not corrupted, damaged, or broken.
  • The smoke shelf will also be examined if applicable.
  • Our crew will create a list of repairs if they are required for review, complete chimney sweeps, and thoroughly clean the area.
wood burning stove
Wood burning stoves are in vogue for their rustic appeal. However, they require as much professional attention as they did before.

Avoid a Chimney Fire with a Wood Burning Stove

wood stove or burning system can pose many dangers, and although they are incredibly sought after as a retro, now popular piece – they can pose a fire risk. This is why inspections and regular chimney sweeps are so crucial!

It is not solely wood-burning systems that require yearly scans but any heating system. Most chimney services will provide three levels of chimney reviews:

A Level 1 chimney inspection includes visual services for the most accessible aspects of the systems. This should also have a complete cleaning of the area.

A Level 2 chimney inspection incorporates a narrow approach with special tools and equipment to complete a more thorough scan of the fireplace/stove and chimney. This includes a chimney sweet and complete cleaning in resolution and any repairs required.

A Level 3 chimney inspection only occurs when some significant issues or dangers have been confirmed in previous Level 1 or 2 inspections. This is meant to troubleshoot and resolve the issue at hand!

An annual inspection can help prevent repairs and provide security in operating your stove or fireplaceThe Chimney Kings take their responsibility as inspectors incredibly seriously, and we can confirm that regular reviews and inspections support the following:

  • Safety – You will always understand if there is a problem with your fireplace or system; if an issue arises, you have professionals to handle it.
  • Prevention & Protection – By performing annual checks on your system, you can prevent minor problems from becoming overwhelming or irreversible. This protects your chimney and your home.
  • Save Money – Inspections will save you money in the long run; keeping up with the necessary maintenance will avoid costly repairs.
  • Verification for Insurance – If damage exists in your chimney or fireplace, you will have legitimate documentation from certified professionals to submit to your insurance company, making the repair process seamless and stress-free!
  • Assist in Purchasing or Selling – Annual inspections and maintenance happen in many aspects of our lives, including our cars. You must maintain the proper care and documentation to buy or sell your home.
chimney repair
Our team will perform a top notch job repairing or installing new chimney pipes

Chimney RepairChimney Repair & Installation Services

Sometimes your chimney sweep or inspection will result in the need for repairs. You are in luck because The Chimney Kings are just the ones for the job! Fireplaces take on much heat and pressure; damage can simply result from continued use. A well-loved fireplace system can result in the need for repairs or perhaps something new!

Installing a new chimney cap or repairing your wood stove? We are here to do a fantastic job and provide fresh sweeps for comfortable living. The Kings can assist in a full-service installation of any fireplace system your heart desires, and our experts can help with an accurate, reasonable quote before installation day!

Chimney SweepChimney Sweep and Chimney Cleaning Options

Chimney sweeps and cleanings serve to support your fireplace and heating systems. A good chimney sweep can assist in creating a magical space for the winter months and clean fireplaces year-round.

The Chimney Kings assist in cleaning a fireplace, air duct, dryer vent, wood stove, pellet stoves, and general heating appliances.

A chimney sweep is a complete defense against build-up, cracks, and damage and helps prevent a house fire – which you never want to deal with. Let The Kings provide a high-quality chimney sweep and cleaning to ensure your chimney is protected from any obstructions!

dryer vent clog
We could tell you quite a few stories about the “life forms” discovered in unmaintained dryer vents…but we won’t!

dryer ventDryer Vent Cleaning

Your air duct system and dryer vent need love too! These are systems that are household uses all the time but perhaps don’t always acknowledge because we don’t have to see them daily.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of build-up, dust, dirt, and overall disgusting yuck that can appear in your air duct system and vents over time.

The Chimney Kings air duct and dryer vent cleaning benefits:

  1. Improves indoor air quality; the regular cleaning of your air duct system and dryer vents allows for better air quality and a cleaner home environment.
  2. Improves airflow; when using your dryer vents constantly, the lint and dust can build up quickly. Cleaning helps to improve constant airflow through your home, and it will also prevent fire hazards.
  3. Prevention; ventilation inspections, chimney sweeps, and cleanings inevitably prevent small problems from becoming irreversible. Our crew can comprehensively analyze and assess issues that may arise to avoid expensive repairs.
  4. Lower Power Bills; Regular cleanings will help your appliances last longer, run more robustly and reduce the cost of your monthly power bills!
clearing nest
It’s not uncommon for us to do a little de-nesting when clients decide to make use of their chimneys after a while.

humane removalHumane Animal Removal Services

Sometimes amidst a regular inspection or chimney sweep – a furry friend or stranger can be uncovered. When you have an unwanted visitor living or nesting in your chimney or fireplace, it is a situation you want to get a handle on as quickly as possible.

The Chimney Kings isn’t only dedicated to fresh sweeps; we are committed to providing humane animal removal services. Our process of animal removal is gentle and straightforward:

  1. Our specialists inspect your chimney to review any points of entry, the animal’s current living situation, or the nesting area.
  2. Utilize humane traps to secure the animal(s).
  3. Retrieve the animals for removal and seal any possible entry points to prevent further visits!

Additional Chimney Services

The Chimney Kings want to provide nothing less than the best to our clients in the Denver metro area. We are experts in our field and want to supply as many services as possible to satisfy our client’s wants and needs.

Our company offers loads of additional chimney services:

  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Tarping
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Chimney Liners, Caps & Crowns
  • General Masonry Repairs
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Speciality Services
Call us today!
We’re clearly not afraid of getting our hands dirty! Schedule an appointment with us today and let’s get your chimney up and running!

The Chimney Kings – Denver’s Leading Chimney Inspections Service

Chimney inspections are a part of life, and the more you dedicate to maintaining your fireplace and heating systems, the more comfort your home will provide. The Chimney King professionals are fully equipped with years of experience and the most contemporary technology to service your fireplace as a company you can trust.

We are a locally owned & operated business – a licensed, bonded, and insured company offering competitive prices and guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction!

If you want to complete an inspection, contact one of our chimney experts at (303) 331-7978 for your free assessment today! Schedule your appointment with The Kings – where your safety is our top priority.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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