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The Chimney Kings – A Fireplace Service You Can Depend On

Your chimney liner may not be the first thing you think of as you enjoy a lovely evening sitting by the fireplace at home. Chimney liner installation and repairs can become frustrating and overwhelming if you don’t know who to turn to.

The Chimney Kings is the local chimney liner expert in Denver, Colorado – dedicated to great service and affordable pricing for any chimney repair needs.

Flue gases are nothing to mess around with, and your chimney liner plays a prominent role in the upkeep of your family’s security. Without a reliable chimney liner, your wood stove or fireplace would be out of commission. When that happens, our team of professionals can assist you in repairing and restoring everything to normal.

As a licensed, bonded, and insured company in Colorado, our staff has banded together to create a business built on integrity, transparency, and honesty.

We put our customer’s safety first. If your chimney liner is simply worn down, broken down, or damaged – The Kings has everything you need to make sufficient repairs or upgrade the life and function of your chimney and fireplace.

chimney liners
Our team of professionals provide the best chimney liner installation services in the Denver Area. Call us today for a free assessment!

chimney liningElite Chimney Lining Installation in Denver, CO

Does your wood-burning fireplace have you down? We create otherwise sound masonry chimneys one liner at a time. Chimney repair is no easy feat – it is a job you take on to protect homeowners from carbon monoxide, draft problems, smoke, and chimney fire prevention.

From chimney lining installation for your chimney flue to a wide array of chimney liners and flue tiles – we want to create a chimney and fireplace system that works for your home and family.

Our chimney sweeps and repair specialists are certified and licensed by the National Fire Protection Association and have extensive experience installing chimney liners and chimney liner repairs.

Whether you need a chimney sweep service, new chimney liners, general chimney repairs, new install, maintenance, or inspection – The Chimney Kings know everything regarding fireplaces, chimney liners, and flue tiles.

We are the bricks that hold it all together and intend to continue providing excellent service to Denver residents. Our crews can repair the cracks in your brick and mortar, fix your liner and commit to installing a new chimney liner, too – the choice is entirely up to you!

Free Accurate estimate & Friendly service

We are not the only company offering free estimates for any liner install, repair, replacement, or inspection – but we are the only company that provides accurate estimates while presenting multiple options for resolution.

Fireplaces serve as a gathering place within the house, and they create a space where you can assemble with family and friends for special occasions, birthdays, holidays, and even the regular days of the week.

Chimneys are meant to provide safety and security for your house by supplying a structure to prevent draft problems and maintaining a place for the smoke and flue gases to escape.

Regarding your chimney liner, The Chimney Kings in Colorado is committed to providing fast, knowledgeable service and an excellent job on any installation, repair, maintenance, or cleaning. We want your house to remain your sanctuary, and by providing a free accurate, reasonable quote – your chimney liner repair system can be stress-free!

chimney cap
Every part of your chimney – including your cap – must be in good condition to ensure not only warmth in your home, but safety!

chimney fireAvoid a Chimney Fire – Keep Your Home Secure

Having a fireplace in your house is a luxury, but it is almost necessary for any home in Denver. The winter brings in crazy cold fronts and lots of snow, so fireplaces are pretty handy. You need a solid, reliable chimney liner for an operating unit or sound masonry chimney.

Over time your fireplace will age, alongside the liner, flue, and all major components, which can result in damage. That damage leaves your home and fireplace without defense, and at the first sign of damage to your liner, you should reach out to a team of experts you can trust.

If you’re chimney is damaged, inspection has been procrastinated, and chimney sweeps haven’t been regularly completed – the danger of a fire in your chimney or fireplace substantially increases. Safety should always be the homeowner’s top priority, and it certainly remains our only mission when supporting our clients through the process of repairs.

The Chimney Kings suggests a few things to avoid combustion and a chimney fire:

  1. Make sure your chimney liner is in good condition and everything is properly lined to ensure the continued exit of flue gases and ventilation for your house. If your liner is damaged, outdated, or broken, our crew can assist in adequate chimney lining installation services. If you aren’t sure about the condition of your liner, then an inspection should be completed as soon as possible.
  2. Make sure your chimney cap is worthy of defending your chimney, or ensure it is a high-quality cap and structurally sound crown to keep debris, animals, a leak, and/or blockages in your chimney. Otherwise, sound masonry chimneys have an excellent cap to defend their fireplace from unnecessary chimney repairs.
  3. Ensure your fireplace and chimney are getting enough air. If a chimney is not getting enough air, it will not burn appropriately and experience draft problems caused by the lack of airflow. You should always follow the fireplaces manufacturer’s instructions to ensure its most optimal function.
clay flue pipe
Clay flue pipes require a lot of upkeep since they’re subject to cracks over the years.

Clay Flue Liners & Flue Gases

Your chimney is subject to a ton of heat; it is also subject to freezing cold in Denver. The drastic change in temperature and weather can slowly damage your chimney liner system. Your liner system should withstand the elements, extreme heat, general gases, and carbon monoxide released through the flue.

Clay flue liners have been in question in recent years. Clay flue liners are usually what you will find inside your chimney after buying a house in Denver – so long as it is not a new build.

Clay flue liners are incredibly fragile, and it has been found that they can deteriorate easily. This is a significant safety concern as these flue tiles are meant to contain combustion inside the chimney walls and protect your fireplace. It is best to replace clay flue liners with a more durable option, like a stainless steel chimney liner.

steel chimney linerStainless Steel Chimney Liner & Chimney Installation

A stainless steel chimney liner is superior to clay flue liners as they can ferociously defend and protect your chimney from flue gases and combustion products. A stainless steel chimney liner will prevent flue gases from entering your home and is consistent in resistance.

That is the kind of protection families need over clay flue liners, and often, an upgrade is in order when damage is discovered.

If you are dealing with an aging liner and clay flue tiles, then it is time to consider installing an upgraded, high-tech stainless steel system! Every fireplace needs solid liners to ensure the home’s safety is upheld and maintained.

steel liner repair
Leave it to The Chimney Kings to repair or replace your steel chimney liners!

Chimney Liner Repair System Options

In inevitable that repairs will be required for the fireplace over time. Everything ages in a home, and nothing is an exception to that. There are easy repair systems offered that will eliminate dangers and draft problems caused by cracks and debris. They are meant to simplify things as the industry has evolved and advanced with time.

Our company has been called to continue with this mission, move forward as a business, and produce stress-free experiences for our customers.

The Chimney Kings in Denver wants your family to have a seamless experience in the inspection and maintenance of your chimney liner system. We offer elite repair systems to service any damage!

Chimney Crown & Chimney Cap Services

Just as clay flue liners break down due to flue gases and combustion – your chimney crown and chimney cap are subject to damage and general wear and tear.

A crown is meant to help structural integrity and defends against any water entering your Denver home.

A chimney cap is a barrier between your fireplace and the outside world, AKA the elements.

If you do not have a reliable cap on your chimney, rain, snow, animals, and various debris can enter your chimney if you have a damaged crown or cap, cracks in bricks and mortar, etc.

The Chimney King is highly experienced in repairing and maintaining your chimney’s cap and crown! Your family deserves safety and assurance that your fireplace can withstand heat and flue gases.

chimney cleaning
Keeping your chimney clean and clear will prevent greater problems arising in the future

Chimney SweepChimney Sweeps & Cleaning

Your chimney liner is not the only piece of your fireplace system that protects and ensures the continued safety of the unit. There are many different moving parts that need to be working together in unison for your fireplace to remain in working order.

Regular cleaning, maintenance, and repairs contribute to the general upkeep of your fireplace and heating system. Your chimney’s bricks, stone, and mortar can crack and break over time.

Your roof is also no exception to general damage created by repairs that have been prolonged or put off. Every aspect of your chimney must be examined and maintained to secure your home’s safety.

The Chimney Kings provide chimney sweeping and have been told we do a great job cleaning and assessing for fireplace cleaning services. We service the great state of Colorado and will complete uptown, downtown, or midtown chimney sweeps.

Regular cleaning of your chimney and fireplace helps to clear out debris and ash that contributes to the continued breakdown of your chimney.

Our chimney specialists are committed to repairing and installing new chimney liners when applicable, but our team also provides a plethora of fireplace services:

  • Chimney maintenance and inspections with licensed, certified professionals.
  • Chimney sweeps, air duct, and dryer vent cleaning.
  • Chimney repairs – caps, crowns, liners, flashing, firebox, bricks, stonework, and mortar.
  • Fireplace Installation Services – installing new liners, caps, crowns, etc.
  • Roof Repair and Tarping.
chimney repair
Having a strong and secure flue will ensure that your chimney is safe and keeping your home clear of smoke

Looking to Advance the Structural Integrity of Your Chimney and Fireplace?

With brick chimneys, fireplaces, and masonry repair and liner installation, our services cover any aspect of residential and commercial needs. Your chimney liner is your primary defense against gas and fumes produced in the line of fire.

To create a safe place to vent your fireplace or furnace, a top-notch flue is non-negotiable. Damaged chimneys and liners can quickly be rebuilt, installed, or restored with The Chimney Kings in Denver. We have cultivated our experience in working with our clients and through our dedication to advancing our service options.

Our crew seeks to create a different kind of experience within the chimney industry and general safety for our clients. Maintaining, cleaning, and completing any repairs upon first discovery is essential. The Kings are fully committed to complete customer satisfaction and wholly comfortable homes.

call us todayCall Our Certified Technicians for Chimney Repairs & Installation Today

If you haven’t been all too great about the maintenance of your chimney flue and liner, or if you aren’t quite sure if your liner is up to NFPA safety standards, then it is time to bring in the experts. Our staff is certified, licensed, and trained to take on any chimney liner, regardless of quality or condition.

Contact our office today at (303) 331-7978 to schedule a free estimate and inspection for your chimney liner. We are excited to work together to upgrade and create a reliable chimney for all your furnace and fireplace needs!

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