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Premium Masonry Restoration in Denver, CO

Brick and masonry construction are two significant components of building and restoring homes in Denver, CO. If you are a home or business owner hassling around with worn-down masonry walls, old brick garages, or chimneys – you are in the right place.

The Chimney Kings specializes in brick repair, tuck pointing, brick joints, and brickwork. We are Denver masonry artists, and our team is wholly dedicated to making an old brick wall come to life again.

Denver homes coincide with a lot of history, which means historic homes. When you want to restore or revive older homes or buildings without compromising structural integrity – we are the ones to turn to.

Brick homes in Park Hill and the surrounding Denver metro area have become our landscape, and as tuck point artists, we are fully committed to any brick, mortar concrete, stucco, and stone services. While brickwork is a process that is not easily mastered, our years of experience lend to the comfort of our Colorado clients and their lovely homes and businesses!

chimney masonry repair
A strong brick chimney will last for decades. However, they still require repairs over time due to weather, debris and eroding mortar.

masonry repairLicensed & Certified Masonry Repair Services

Every house is entirely unique in its own way – it may be special because of the materials used to build the home, the red door used at the entryway, or cracks throughout the old mortar. Houses are meant to provide shelter in their most basic definition, but they also serve as a gathering space for friends and family.

Porches are not much different – as you will see many people setting up for dinner outside on a summer evening, a graduation party to celebrate your youngest going off to college, or even a wedding. All of the components that make up our homes come down to their building blocks and the interworkings of their structure.

The Chimney Kings of Colorado is a locally owned and operated Denver masonry contractor. Damaged mortar, brick repair, and tuck pointing are not just a part of our job title – it is our passion. So if you are dealing with an aging garage door or need mortar repair, our experts are specifically skilled and trained to complete any of your brickwork efficiently. Our staff works as a team to persistently upgrade and restore the homes and businesses of Denver.

It is our goal to create a more comfortable life for our clients and a more colorful place for our Denver, CO, community!

Tuckpointing is the craft of replacing and upgrading the mortar without removing any of the brickwork

tuckpointingProfessional Tuckpointing Artists

The secret to tuckpointing and masonry restoration is in the technique, and to develop the method – you need some solid guidance and experience under your belt.

The King’s team has many years of repairing existing mortar, handling mortar joints, and laying down new mortar for brick homes in Denver, Colorado. Our superior masonry construction services are a light in our lives, and we hope it also brings light to yours!

Repairing, restoring, and creating are all major components of our job, and our team of tuck-point artists takes that very seriously. The process is not simple, and every project is different, but that allows us to make every house a home and characterize buildings.

Whether you are grappling with retaining walls or trying to figure out how to restore your brick home and matching mortar color – our masonry experts have your back and will get your home tuck pointed to perfection!

professional tuckpointing services
We set the standard for professional masonry restoration services in the Denver area. Check out our work!

first rate tuckpointingFirst-Rate TuckPointing

Bricks are not like legos – they do not come with pretty little puzzle pieces that help them melt together, and if you are dealing with the need for repairs or restoration to your home or business – it can be hard to figure out where to get started.

That is where The Kings come in! We offer fully customized services and a free detailed estimate for every job in Denver, CO – as we know, no two buildings or structures are alike, and neither are our customer’s wants and needs.

Everything we do is tailored to what is required to complete the project and to uphold the client’s personal requests. Your opinions are important to us, and we value every insight we are provided!

We are not like Denver Masonry LLC and other masonry restoration services in Colorado – our crew likes to do things a little differently, offering a fresh perspective on tuckpointing and brick repair.

What is TuckPointing?

Tuckpointing may not even be a term you are familiar with, and when you look at a brick wall or any part of your home – the original mortar may look entirely acceptable in your eyes, but bricks need love too!

Denver, Colorado, is filled with character; a lot of that character comes from the architecture that fills the streets and neighborhoods. When brick and stone age, so does the mortar joint, and unfortunately – this is when masonry repair and restoration is necessary.

Tuck pointing is a project or process that includes removing and replacing any damaged, missing, or defective mortar sitting between brick, stone, cinder block, or other masonry materials. It allows you to reinforce a house or building without compromising the structural integrity. The most essential part of tuckpointing is the artistry and capability of the masonry restoration company you choose to work with.

It’s an Art Form

Brick repair and tuck pointing are no joke! It is not something that can be quickly learned overnight, and it is not something we recommend you attempt to do yourself. It takes a lot of practice and many years to hone your craft. Tuckpointing is artistry, and we consider our specialists to be artists alongside the other roles they serve as Denver contractors.

We are a business that is built around and for our clients. Becoming masters of our craft and providing seamless, friendly service is another building block to our success and cultivated reputation. We have repaired and replaced some of the most worn and cracked mortar, but it is always completed one brick at a time.

Mortar Repairs

Mortar in Denver, CO, was previously made from things like sand and lime, as Portland cement was not widely accessible. This has made it so that you can rub the mortar on any older home, and sand particles will quickly come falling down. The mortar itself is very soft in nature, and therefore it becomes easily broken down by water, moisture, and the natural elements.

The Masons at The Chimney Kings in Denver, CO, all promote the same mission of complete and total restoration for every project. Walls are the very structure that keeps the integrity of our homes alive, so when mortar repair is necessary, it should always be a priority. The breakdown of mortar means you will experience instability within the structure, which can make for a rather dangerous situation.

Tuckpointing is not just a job for The Kings but a form of expression through brick artistry. We are pleased to offer our customers tuck pointing, mortar repair, and the highest quality restoration with the finest materials.

quality brickwork
There is no project we’re afraid to tackle when it comes to brick repair! Call us today for a free assessment and let’s see what we can do for you!

quality brick repairQuality Brick Repair

Brick repair deals with the actual bricks, stone, concrete, or any parts that create our buildings and homes in Denver, CO. The King’s masonry repair services are meant to reinforce the structure of your house or business while maintaining all the elements that make up its personality. While every project we work on is unique, quality control is inherently a significant priority.

Satisfaction is guaranteed for all of our clients as we make it our job and responsibility to ensure all four walls of every house and business are thoroughly inspected for cracks and noticeable breakage to assess the situation.

All repairs required for your brick, stone, concrete, or stucco will be thoroughly reviewed with the client before beginning masonry restoration, reinforcement, or repairs. We want customers to understand why repairs may be required and what we can do to restore their homes or business to their original state.

Brick repair in Denver, CO, has to be prioritized by the home or business owner to ensure the safety and security of their buildings. Our company is here to provide those walls remain at their peak performance while retaining the general characteristics that make the space unique.

Starting With A Brick Wall

Construction with concrete, brick, or stone is a process that requires planning from the crew; therefore – brick repair services are no different from masons. Masonry repair is the pinnacle of maintaining entire communities. Without continued review and upkeep of materials like brick and stone, cracks and damage are inevitable, which can quickly become detrimental.

The Kings of Denver, CO, hope to continue to provide our community the security and reinforcement they deserve. While concrete, brick, and stone seem solid, nothing is indestructible. Every wall has its downfall or that one brick that crumbles, causing a breakdown in the stability of your structure. It is not just another brick in the wall.

We want to preserve the beauty that each wall provides the city of Denver, CO. We are wholly dedicated to working together to maintain the essence every stone or brick wall provides passersby. Each and every project we start – we go into with excellent masonry experience, concrete planning, and extreme attention to detail.

Beautiful Brick Work

wall is meant to create separation between one space and another. Every wall that makes up your Denver house assists in creating a home for your to make your own. When you are observing an obstruction to your wall and broken down brick or stone – it is time to call in our expert brick artists!

In time, brick and stone can begin to weaken – causing the materials to chip down, crack or even crumble and break. When you see something going awry with your brick wall, you have trusted masonry experts to rely on.

The Chimney Kings in Denver, CO, are proud brick and stone repair professionals. We have seen just about everything there is to see with masonry restoration, and it is nothing we can’t handle!

When you work with us for brick repair, you can expect the following:

  • Our team offers premier masonry work for brick and stone repair in Denver, CO, with preservation and restoration at the forefront of our efforts.
  • We provide free estimates and a full assessment of your brick, stone, and additional masonry materials and will offer a complete consultation on all repair recommendations.
  • Our crew always completes the matching of brick and mortar to ensure everything is seamless with the existing structure.
  • We will provide a schedule for all repairs and aim to complete all masonry repairs and restoration quickly and efficiently.
  • Attention to detail, careful work, and excellent customer service are just a shoo-in!
  • Continued review and maintenance for any of our repair services.
chimney sealing
From tuckpointing, to restoring brickwork, to re-sealing, The Chimney Kings have got all your bases covered!

weather damageDenver Chimney Repair

Masonry restoration and repair services are our passion, which inevitably brings us to your home’s roof with chimney repairs! Denver chimneys are subject to harsh winters and heat-filled dry summers, which can really eat away at chimneys and fireplaces. While fireplaces are an incredible luxury when you live in Denver, they are a structure of your home and require maintenance.

With use, time, and a little help from the weather – you can end up with the breaking down of mortarlining cracks, general deterioration, and even a fire hazard. Safety is the primary concern when dealing with any fireplace, wood-burning stove, or furnace.

The Chimney Kings of Denver are highly skilled professionals in quality fireplace repairs. Every repair we do, we do so with the utmost care. We can easily assist in restoring your fireplace back to its normal state of operation and ensure you have an otherwise good masonry chimney!

Additional Services for Your Denver Home

Every project we complete is brick by brick because our masonry service is always conducted with the utmost care and precision. The Chimney Kings of Denver also offer a wide array of additional service options to upgrade and maintain your home or business.

Every service we provide is meant to bring a sense of ease and comfort to your living or work space and set up a defense against anything that could break down or threaten that in any way.

Our team can assist with any of the following service options:

best tuckpointing
No two projects are alike. Our team of professionals will approach each tuckpointing assignment with the unique perspective it deserves!

Finest Brick Tuck PointingThe Finest Brick Tuck Pointing in Denver, Colorado

Tuckpointing and brickwork is a form of art that requires a lot of compassion. Denver is made up of all different kinds of architecture, making the city so special. Without brick artistry, there would be no preservation of character or history, which is precisely what The Kings are here to do. Brick repair helps to physically maintain the original structure and provide solid reinforcement for its preservation.

We aim to approach each project with a new perspective, consistent skill, and extraordinary kindness. Our customers create the community we live in. Being a part of this neighborhood allows our masons to enhance that world and uphold the integrity of every structure we come into contact with.

While tuckpointing and brick repair is a process – it opens the door to the continued restoration of our communities, which is the beauty of what we do. Our goal will always remain to supply our clients and potential customers with an extended perspective on their own homes and business while also repairing and restoring the allure that was always there.

call us todayA Masonry Contractor, Your Denver Home Needs

If you are dealing with a sagging chimney top, broken down brick, or deteriorating mortar – our masonry specialists are the key to your sanity.

The Chimney Kings are here to provide security for your homes and business, and we intend to do so. Contact our office at (303) 331-7978 for a free consultation and inspection for your tuck-pointing and brick repair needs. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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