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What is a Chimney Crown?

Most homeowners in America aren’t wondering about all the components of their chimneys and the interworkings of it all. A chimney crown sits towards the top of your chimney and acts as a literal and physical crown.

It protects the entire system and does an excellent job of preventing water damagemoisture, rain, snow, and debris from entering your chimney.

It is actually one of the most critical aspects of securing your masonry fireplace system, and if it is doing its job correctly – you will have a solid roof that covers the top of your chimney.

It is fabulous for keeping unwanted visitors like raccoons and other Colorado regulars in the great outdoors. The general service any chimney crown provides is protection.

It assists in supporting the brick structure. They are incredibly helpful in defending against all the elements that come with Denver winters and the dry summers!

chimney crown
Chimney chase covers are designed to keep your flue safe from the elements whilst allowing smoke to escape safely

chimney crownIs Chimney Cap the same as Chimney Crown?

A chimney crown and cap sit at the tip-top of your roof and chimney; they are not the same structure and do not fulfill the same purpose.

The chimney cap is placed above the chimney crown. The crown is more of a supportive structure covering only the flue area, but the cap will act as a hat to top it all off. Its main job is to protect chimneys, liners, and damper from receiving any kind of rain or precipitation.

The crown and cap work simultaneously together for the same mission throughout America for the safety and effectiveness of everyone’s chimneys!

chimney crown necessary
If you live in an area subject to heavy rainfall or snow, a crown is essential to keeping your fireplace dry down below

weather damageIs a Chimney Crown Necessary?

A chimney crown is a critical aspect of every chimney across America. It is essential to conduct reviews of the crown to ensure everything is in working order. It is a significant part of keeping the entire system in good working condition.

Without a chimney crown, moisture can plague the flue, damper, and firebox areas causing water damage and rust. It bears the weight of the rest of the chimney and acts as the first point of defense against the elements.

That also means it is up against the winters in Denver, CO, where things can shake up a bit…

cracked brickwork
If you notice signs of deterioration in your brickwork or mortar, don’t hesitate in calling the professionals before the damage becomes worse

warning signsThe 4 Signs of Chimney Crown Repairs

The Bricks are Cracked or Falling Off

You will know you require professional chimney repairs when your bricks crumble onto your roof and into your gutters.

The crown is typically crafted using cement and concrete to avoid cracks and damage, but even concrete and cement are not entirely indestructible.

Once the crown is worn down, the brick-and-mortar may begin to crack, leaving your chimney open to vulnerabilities.

The masonry may have cracks due to the natural elements’ effects on the area. This will allow rain or snow to get inside, resulting in possible water damage and structural failure.

water damage fireplace (1)
Water damage in your chimney can take on many forms, including seeping into the brickwork which can cause structural problems later

Interior Water Damage and Moisture

When your chimney crown is causing interior water damage, a thorough inspection should be completed by a chimney professional.

The more moisture builds up within the area, the higher your risk is for complete structural failure and continued issues caused to your damper, liner, and flue.

Rust on the Chimney Cap

Rust forms gradually, typically a byproduct of its exposure to moisture and age. It is also best to have knowledgeable chimney specialists annually inspect the area for maintenance.

Caps act as covers for your entire chimney system, and there are ways to remove rust and additional stains.

A replacement may be required over repairs, but only a masonry expert can adequately guide you on whether or not installing a new one will be more suitable for your house.

Visible Masonry Cracks

If there are extreme cracks throughout the brick-and-mortar of your chimney, then it may be time to call in The Chimney Kings for professional repair services.

Water can easily seep into these cracks rather than draining into your gutters; that water and other debris will freeze over the winter. This will create further cracks and damage through your chimney’s liner, damper, and other areas.

fireplace damage
If a chimney crown is cracked and left unattended, it can lead to weather damage to the below fireplace

chimney cracksWhat Happens if the Chimney Crown is Cracked?

If your chimney crown is cracked, you must have reliable chimney experts out for a thorough inspection. This inspection will establish whether you require chimney repair or consider installing a new crown.

The Chimney Kings in Denver, CO, is a company that thrives on providing superior chimney repair service. Still, we also understand that sometimes, you just need to replace the structure if it is beyond the point of repair.

If there are more minor cracks, you will not likely need to replace the crown, as minimal damage can be sealed off to prevent any further moisture from entering the chimney, and those repairs should be sufficient.

More considerable damage or cracking needs a detailed inspection to rule out repair services, but the chimney crown will often need a total replacement.

chimney crown replacement
You needn’t break the bank when replacing your chimney crown or cap. Talk to us at Chimney Kings and we’ll discuss your options!

how much for chimney crownHow Much is a Crown and Cap for a Chimney?

The average cost of chimney crown installation will vary depending on the company your family works with for the repair service. Still, most of America seems to come up with a cost of approximately $700 to $2,900.

Most residents in Denver, CO, pay about $1,500 for crown repairs.

Chimney caps average much lower in price to get the job done. Repairs and installation can range anywhere from $250 to $1,900.

The Chimney Kings in Denver, CO, offer a team of professional chimney experts to conduct a full assessment and free estimate before repairs!

chimney specialistsChimney Sweep, Cap Installation, Chimney Repairs, Dryer Vent Cleaning – We Do it All!

The stress of costly chimney repairs doesn’t need to be a part of your life with The Chimney Kings chimney sweep and repairs! Our professional team supplies unconditional support through chimney repairs, chimney sweeps, and inspections.

Don’t let damaged brick-and-mortar put a damper on your day – we are fully committed and wholly dedicated to the health of your gas or wood-burning fireplace and chimney.

An excellent chimney sweep & cleaning is what our Denver business is known for, but our specialists have a broad range of experiences. We have serviced everything from roofs to water damage – and chimney sweeps.

Our contemporary approach to chimney sweeps creates a more focused approach to the health of your chimney and the safety of your home.

call us today for an inspection
Reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation assessment on your chimney and how we can assist!

talk to us today about chimney repairsAsk About Our Free Detailed Chimney Inspection!

The National Fire Protection Association suggests annual reviews are completed for your entire chimney and fireplace every year to defend and protect against fire hazards. The Chimney Kings offers superior chimney inspections and general maintenance or tune-ups for your chimney. These reviews help prevent costly repairs and preserve the structure and security of your chimney!

quality brick repairThe Best Chimney Repair Services in Denver, CO

Every technician from the King’s family is fully licensed, certified, and insured – with immense knowledge and experience in chimney repairs. Maintaining, inspecting, and repairing our client’s chimneys is our job, but it is so much more than that to us.

We aim to provide affordable, reliable repair options and excellent customer service for both residential and commercial clients. It is our mission to supply all of our customers with an upgrade to their chimneys and comfort for their everyday lives!

locally owned experts Denver (1)
We’re locally owned and understand what Denver residents expect from their chimney repair experts!


Chimney Kings is a Denver Locally Owned Company

The Chimney Kings is a locally owned and operated business in Denver, CO. Being locally owned, we understand our community better than anyone else ever could, and we strive to provide elite chimney repair services and superior installation!

We are dedicated to supplying excellent chimney sweeps, cleaning, repairs, and chimney or roof inspection services. Our job is to maintain the safety of our customers and their families. If your chimney crown has got you feeling down – The Chimney Kings is here to turn that around!

Contact one of our certified chimney experts today at (303) 331-7978! We will send our experienced specialists to assist in top-notch repairs or replacements and a full resolution to any of your chimney worries!

Recent Chimney Repair Reviews in the Denver Metro

persona JennaCompetitive Prices and Quality Services!

“I was dealing with birds nesting in my chimney space, and I needed to do something about it for my family and their safety. I received several estimates from companies like Chimney Jack and Crownup Pros and scoured through reviews online.

I went with The Chimney Kings, which offered very reasonable prices and highly professional services. If you are looking for a Colorado company that offers fast and friendly service, I highly recommend any of their technicians!’ – Jenna R.

persona danaTop-Rated Chimney Sweeps in Lone Tree, CO!

“I purchased my home in Lone Tree, Colorado, a few years ago, and even at the time of purchase, I wasn’t sure if any chimney sweep or cleaning had ever been completed. I wasn’t sure where to begin when looking for a team to help, but luckily, a neighbor referred me to The Chimney Kings through reviews, and I was delighted at how knowledgeable and helpful their chimney sweeps were!” – Dana M.

persona daveFast Chimney Repairs in Aurora, CO!

“My chimney damper and other aspects of our entire system have been severely damaged. I needed to get someone out there to inspect the flue as quickly as possible. The Chimney Kings had a technician out to my home in Aurora later that day; they were seamless in servicing and making chimney repairs. I couldn’t be any more delighted with the final product, as I can finally use my fireplace again, and it is fantastic!” – Dave H.

persona samThey Repaired my Fireplace in No Time!

“My house in Littleton is a bit older, and my fireplace was pretty worn down. The concrete firebox area was nearly trashed, with many cracks throughout the system. The Chimney Kings came out, provided a free estimate, and fully repaired my fireplace in just a few hours. I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone!” – Sam S.

persona ellieWe Urgently Needed a Chimney Cap Replacement!

“Our chimney was covered in rust, and at some point, it stopped working. I forgot about it until the snow came into Denver, and I was hoping to use my fireplace. I noticed a draft and severe wind coming down through the flue, so the matter became urgent, and I didn’t have time to look through reviews.

The Chimney Kings were able to come out to complete an assessment the same day, and they adequately replaced my chimney cap. If you need someone to fix or repair your fireplace, go with The Chimney Kings. They did a fantastic job!”- Ellie M.

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