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Leaders in Fireplace Repairs and Restoration Services in Denver

Dealing with damaged bricks, excessive smoking, and drafting problems coming from your fireplace – repairs may be in your immediate future.

While it may seem easy to simply replace damaged bricks and mortar joints to ensure your fireplace and chimney are working correctly – DIY projects are only sometimes the answer when there are so many factors that deviate the success of your repairs.

The Chimney Kings of Denver, Colorado, restore and repair all different kinds of fireplaces – wood-burning fireplaces, wood stoves, gas fireplaces, etc. 

Our team of experts offers great service at affordable prices to ensure your fireplace repair service is efficient and extraordinary. Your Denver home and chimneys

gas fireplace repair
Be sure to service your gas fireplace before the holiday season rather than during. Give The Chimney Kings a call today and book an appointment!

fireplace iconReal Fireplace Solutions & Cost Effective Service Options

Excellent service for gas fireplaces shouldn’t be too difficult to come by. There are many masonry repair services in Denver, but professional chimney sweeps and reliable repairs or replacement can only be found with The Chimney Kings.

drafting problem can become very dangerous and even result in a fire if you are not careful – this is why routine maintenance of your wood or gas fireplace is essential in securing the safety of your home. There are so many various factors that go into a system operating accordingly.

Our technicians are licensed and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America – serving our neighbors and fellow residents of Denver, Wheat Ridge, Castle Rock, Boulder, Fort Collins, or the extra mile into the Rocky Mountains.

We are chimney sweep and fireplace repair specialists, and it is our job to provide each and every client with complete satisfaction.

Whether you require chimney sweeps or a roof repair service – our staff is fully trained, certified, and qualified to complete any of your masonry service needs!

air flowDealing with Chimney Inadequate Air Supply?

The firebox is at the heart of your fireplace. When you install a new fireplace using a masonry expert or professional service – you may notice how clean, pristine, and optimum the entire unit is.

As your firebox ages, bricks can start to loosen, and the hearth may begin to succumb to the heat and remain warm for hours after using your fireplace; you may notice cracks and eroded mortar joints – this is when fireplace repair is necessary.

The Chimney Kings in Denver, Colorado, will thoroughly inspect your fireplace, chimneyflue, damper, liner, etc.

gas fireplace servicing denver co
Our team has all the necessary experience to service or replace your gas fireplace in the Denver Area!

Gas Fireplaces Service and Repair

Our job is to secure your house or business and maintain that level of comfort and safety for everyone. Mixing heat and air is meant to cause combustion, but when dealing with your fireplace – you must be proactive in your maintenance the second you notice something isn’t quite right.

Proper chimney sweep services, cleaning, and professional inspection are part of the process to keep your wood or gas fireplace burning brightly. Fireplaces are a lovely luxury when you live in Denver, Colorado.

The winters are frigid, and heat bills have become increasingly more costly. When you are experiencing drafting problems, gas leaks, or notice loose bricks or faulty gas connections, you have two options: committing to fireplace repair or installing a new fireplace system.

The Chimney Kings in Denver is a team full of masonry and fireplace repair specialists – we can repair your gas fireplace, wood-burning fireplace, gas appliance, gas line/gas connection, dryer vent, liner, flue, etc.

Proper cleaning, inspections, and maintenance promote the continued health and wellness of your chimney and fireplace system!

firebox deterioration
The brickwork in your firebox is designed to withstand the intensity of a roaring fire. But, over time, the structure can deteriorate, leading to cracks which allow heat – and smoke – to escape.

fireboxFirebox Repointing and Rebuilding

Did you notice loose bricks and mortar joints on your firebox? This is precisely what can happy to your firebox over time to wood and gas fireplaces, through its exposure to extreme heat and flue gas. 

This can also happen to the hearth, and no one wants to cozy up to the fireplace only to see cracks and worry about how the entire unit is operating. The firebox is meant to withstand heat and combustion, but over time, prolonged exposure to heat can cause damage and erosion. That damage can be detrimental to the entire fireplace system.

If your firebox cannot withstand the heat from burning wood or gas, you are looking at an accident waiting to happen.

Your fireplace and chimney should always be inspected annually, according to the Chimney Safety Institute, to prevent unnecessary fireplace repair services that could have been avoided and to ensure the system remains safe when in operation.

If you are dealing with a gas fireplace and noticing a ton of soot, corroding mortar joints, and broken or loose bricks – it is time to call in The Chimney Kings.

Our chimney experts will provide a free assessment of all fireplace repair services, inspect your firebox and remove all damaged or loose bricks, and repoint and rebuild the unit.

Your firebox will appear beautiful again, and the system will be safe to use on those cold Denver nights!

chimney damperDamper Repair

The damper is meant to preserve heat inside your fireplace and Denver chimney. It prevents heat from exiting the flue and ensures the heat in your home is not escaping – keeping those energy bills down and your Denver house warm.

The damper is a beneficial and necessary component of your wood/gas fireplace, and if there are issues with that damper, you must take action to service your heating system. The cold air can easily enter your home without an active damper, creating an uncomfortable situation.

The Chimney Kings of Denver offer high-quality damper repair services to maintain and upgrade your chimney damper. While you may be thinking – ‘I don’t have the money to spend on a repair service right now.’

Consider that the right damper will save you a ton of money.

Without a proper damper repair service, you will be losing loads of heat – this, in turn, will cause you to run your gas connection and heater more often, resulting in sky-high energy bills – and we all know how much those energy bills have increased in rates lately.

Our chimney and fireplace repair experts are always ready to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for their masonry problems. The right damper will save you time, money, and sanity.

glass doors gas fireplace
Reinforced glass doors will keep your living room safe from fire or gas fumes

glass door panelTight-Fitting Glass Doors

A pair of tight-fitting glass doors for your gas fireplace help close off the space and preserve the heat and warmth.

They also assist in creating safety in your home if you have small children curious about your gas fireplace.

If your doors aren’t shutting as tightly as they used to or you do not have a set of doors on your fireplace yet – The Chimney Kings can offer timely and efficient solutions to create a barrier for your chimney and fireplace!

chimney flue system
Having a chimney flue thats adequately designed to both fit the size of your fireplace and the outside environment, is essential!

smokeDrafting Problems & Excess Smoke Issues

Drafting problems are a signal of distress for your wood/gas fireplace and chimney. Air is meant to circulate through your chimney system, but it should not be causing a drafting problem.

This can be caused by two major factors: the temperature difference between your flue gas and the air outside and screening incorrect chimney height.

These major factors affect your fireplace system no matter what, but they can cause drafting problems and excess smoke in your home.

There are also additional factors that can cause these kinds of air draft and excessive smoking issues:

  • Blockage systems in your chimney flue, cap, screening, etc.
  • Screening incorrect chimney height, the flue, and throat size.
  • Air leaks inside or within the chimney itself.
  • Damper issues or location.
  • Smoke chamber problems & shelf design.
  • Inadequate air supply.

Dealing with Chimney Inadequate Air Supply?

Your wood and gas fireplace unit is always in competition with your heating systems and other fuel-burning appliances – the airflow in your home should not be something you have to worry about.

The two major factors of the temperature difference and chimney height or throat size are huge determining factors in how everything works and whether everything is in working order.

The Chimney Kings care about the security of your home and business. Inadequate air supply, draft issues, and excess smoke are significant red flags requiring immediate attention and maintenance service.

The resolution is only one phone call away!

Our specialists will diagnose the cause of your draft or smoke issue, provide simple solutions, and efficiently complete all repairs necessary to ensure your wood or gas fireplace is operating and in perfect condition to light a fire any night of the week!

fireplace repair and restoration
With repair and replacement services for wood and gas burning fireplaces alike, The Chimney Kings of Denver are your one stop shop!

Locally Owned & Highly Recommended Fireplace Repair & Chimney Sweeps

We are locally owned and operated in Denver, CO, offering top-notch chimney sweeps & cleaning, chimney repairs, compassionate & humane animal removals, an annual inspection service, and so much more!

Our chimney and fireplace experts have years of experience and dedication to their craft, and that is what we offer to our clients. Our customers deserve the best of the best, and we are responsible for providing nothing less.

When dealing with a broken-down firebox, issues with your damper, or drafts that you just can’t seem to stop – The Chimney Kings are here to provide the support you need to get your systems repaired, back up, and running.

We understand how circumventing it can be when you are grappling with problems you cannot find the cause or solution for – that is why we provide free assessments on every repair service and continued options for inspections and maintenance to ensure your gas or wood fireplace stays shining as brightly as it did when it was first installed.

call us today for fireplace servicing denver co
Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and let’s get your fireplace running smoothly before winter!

talk to us today about chimney repairsHave Your Chimney Inspected & Chimney Sweeps By Our Professional Technicians in Denver, Colorado

If you are noticing a breakdown of the brick and mortar in your fireplace or can’t shake the cold draft running through your living room, call (303) 331-7978.

The Chimney Kings of Denver are always available to troubleshoot your repairs or provide a fresh chimney sweep!

Our chimney specialists can provide a thorough inspection of your gas or wood fireplace to diagnose and resolve any issue that may be occurring.

Our team of professionals is wholly dedicated to supplying our clients and future customers with peace of mind and total security for their homes and businesses.

Reach out for your free estimate and consultation today! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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