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The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in Denver

Our clothes dryer is one of the more frequently operated appliances in the home, especially when you have small children. While we often use the dryer, we don’t often think about your vent system.

Warm air, moisture, and lint combine to make a pretty unsanitary situation for your vents and ducts. Reliable Denver dryer vent cleaning is the only way to ensure bacteria and mold do not infect your ventilation system.

The Chimney Kings of Denver, CO, are highly experienced professionals and certified masters in dryer vent cleaning – and we know our way around a laundry room!

We have been providing residents of Denver and surrounding cities with the highest quality dryer duct cleaning at affordable rates. All of our services are completed in a timely fashion as we are committed to attending to matters of the home or workplace conscientiously and efficiently.

dryer cleaning
You may keep your dryer looking pristine on the outside and in the drum. But have you checked the inner workings for dust and lint recently?

dryer vent Certified & Insured Dryer Vent Duct Cleaning Professionals

The Chimney Kings is a licensed, bonded, and insured Colorado company, and our dryer vent cleaning technicians are fully certified and highly skilled in their inspection and cleaning services.

We understand the extreme importance of having access to your laundry room, but we also prioritize keeping the home safe.

The safety of our customers’ house or business is the most crucial aspect of our work. Over time, your dryer vent system may become clogged and backed up like a plumbing system.

This can be incredibly hazardous to the environment as the air will continuously circulate through the home, but it also can become a fire danger. You want to avoid fire, but it is also one of the leading catastrophes when dealing with clogged-up dryer vents and ducts.

If you notice any of the following tell-tale signs with your duct or dryer vent, you may want to contact a professional to deal with your dryer vent cleaning service:

  • Are your clothes taking a long time to dry, or are they not getting as dry as they used to?
  • Is your dryer becoming abnormally hot, or are your clothes hot to the touch when the cycle is complete?
  • Does the entire laundry room warm up when your clothes dryer runs?
  • Is lint or other debris settling throughout your dryer and nearby?
dryer lint clump
As your clothes are tossing around in the dryer, microfabrics are breaking off and form clumps of lint over time. If these clumps are allowed to build, they will become a fire safety hazard

dryer vent ductCommercial & Residential Denver Dryer Vent Cleaning

Whether you need assistance with your commercial air conditioning or your home’s dryer vent – great customer service, high-quality equipment, and experienced technicians are all things you can expect when you schedule an inspection or cleaning with The Kings.

Dryer vent cleaning and cleaning for your air duct systems are both services that should be prioritized, as your dryer is the leading cause of fires in the home, and your ducts all lead back to the air you breathe every day.

Whether you have noticed issues you are looking to repair or want the entire system replaced, we are prompt in supporting customers through the cleaning process as we service commercial and residential clients and are willing and able to assist in any of their immediate needs.

dryer safety cleaning
Clean dryer vents are essential if you want to avoid buildup of lint such as this. Don’t wait until it becomes a bigger problem than it ought to!

dryer vent clogDo Your Dryer Vents Need Cleaning?

Dryer vent duct systems need to be cleaned, and your premier dryer vent cleaning service is only one phone call away! Because there is electricity and gas involved with your clothes dryer, safety is the biggest concern.

Fire is another thing you want to avoid at all costs, and with routine inspections and cleaning, you can rest easy.

Dryer vent cleaning brings many advantages:

  • Reducing the risk of fire or damages that require repair.
  • Lowering your monthly utility cost.
  • Reducing the need for dryer replacement.
  • It lowers stress and the time you need to spend doing your laundry.

clean ducts regularlyHow Often Should I Have my Dryer Vents Cleaned?

The dryer duct vent should be cleaned thoroughly and efficiently to avoid lint build-up and fire hazards. The frequency of those cleanings depends upon how often the laundry room is used and what it is used for.

If you are doing laundry for a family of 8 in your house – you will want to ensure the dryer vent and equipment are cleaned out more frequently than for a family of 2.

The general rule of thumb for this is as follows:

  • You will want to contact a professional cleaning company if your systems have become clogged and warm to the touch, clothes aren’t drying, the wall connection is malfunctioning, emitting strange smells, etc.
  • Twice-a-year inspections and dryer vent cleaning for a dryer that is heavily used.
  • Once a year, for a dryer that is lightly used.
dryer vent lint clump
Removing lint and other blockages in your dryer vent and air ducts has been one of the biggest priorities for our clients in recent years

The Dryer Duct Cleaning Process

Your washer and dryer are central components of the home. While it is best to ensure prompt inspection services on a yearly or every other year – be keen and aware of any changes you have noticed if something seems out of the ordinary.

The Kings offer top-notch dryer vent cleaning, pressure washing, air duct services, air conditioning/heating services, and various other masonry, roof repair, inspection & installations!

Our professional technicians thoroughly remove lint, debris, and blockages during every dryer vent cleaning job to ensure every vent is spotless, clean, and ready to service your laundry room for your family’s needs!

When you book a dryer vent cleaning service with our elite team of experts because you have noticed unnecessary lint build-up or any other issue, you can expect the following:

Free estimate and assessment for all the problems you are currently experiencing with your dryer vent or duct unit.

A complete inspection of your dryer and dryer vent systems to ensure no repairs or replacements are required.

Lint trap housing and all duct segments are cleaned using a rotary brush. We are incredibly gentle and courteous when completing this process.

Our techs then vacuum to remove every last particle in the area from your dryer vent and duct systems.

We will install a bird guard replacement to ensure there are no unwanted visitors clogging up your vents. This offers humane solutions for your dryer vent systems and provides no entry points from outside your home into the duct segments.

Sanitization of your dryer duct and dryer vent is the final step – this will help prevent any continued mold or bacteria build-up. It also helps to suppress any unfavorable odors in your laundry room and on your clothing.

Continued maintenance and options for routine inspections following your usage of the washer and dryer!

dryer vent inspection services denver co
Our team of professionals service homes and businesses throughout the Greater Denver Area so you needn’t worry about blockages for long!

dryer vent cleaning servicesDryer Vent & Air Duct Inspection Services in Denver Metro-Boulder-Castle Rock

Every dryer vent and duct system should be reviewed and routinely inspected by specialists with knowledge and experience. A professional company like we will inspect everything from your wall duct attachments inside your home or business to any entry points on the outside.

We like to bring a modern perspective to general necessities and hope we leave each place better off than we found it.

We offer in-depth inspections in the Denver Metro area, including Commerce City, Boulder, Longmont, Aurora, Lakewood, Centennial, Castle Pines, and soon in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.

We want our customers to have a space to vent, even when their dryer vents are causing them concern. That is why our technicians will travel that extra mile to ensure everything is taken care of; their systems are inspected by a certified professional, and everyone can rest easy.


Efficient Chimney, Furnace, Heating & Duct Cleaning in the Colorado Area

Your dryer vent system is essential to your everyday life, just as an air duct system is essential to your daily air quality. The Chimney Kings are critical to their upkeep and continued function within your home or workplace.

We can service and upgrade multiple aspects of your life, home, and workspace. The Chimney Kings offer services from fireplace repairs and installs to dryer vent cleaning and animal removal services

We approach every appointment differently and will fully customize your services to fit exactly what you need, providing swift resolutions and guaranteed satisfaction!

talk to us todayCall Us to Upgrade Your Laundry Room or Work Space Today

Don’t put off the cleaning of your dryer vent system any longer. The experts with The Chimney Kings are happy to inspect, clean, repair, or replace anything that requires attention, and it is our pleasure to service the residents and business owners of Denver.

Don’t delay; reach out to us today at (303) 331-7978 for your free estimate and full consultation. We look forward to cleaning your Denver dryer vent!

Customer Reviews on Our Professional Service

persona steven sClothes Dryer vent cleaning in Lakewood, CO

“I needed assistance cleaning because my house dryer wasn’t working as it used to, and I couldn’t get the job done. I didn’t want to continue to work on things by myself, and I needed someone who knew what they were doing. I was afraid it would start a fire, so luckily, I found The Chimney Kings. They were able to inspect, clean, and service my dryer vents, and my system is back to working like a dream!” – Steven S.

persona renee mDust, Lint & Debris Issue – lone tree, colorado

“I was struggling to understand why lint was gathering on the ceiling of my washing room, and I didn’t know what to do. I was recommended The Chimney Kings by a friend who had their house fireplace repaired with them. The guys came in and got the job done in under an hour. I couldn’t believe they were able to complete everything so efficiently. I would recommend them for any lint problem or dryer vent cleaning!” – Renee M.

persona rick rKnowledgeable Technicians & Friendly Service in Denver, CO

“We used The Chimney Kings for our Colorado Blvd Unit and primary business location. Because we do most of our operations at this property, we must ensure sufficient vent system and air quality. Their technicians came in to inspect and assess when they found a leak. The cost was reasonable, and by the end of the service, we could breathe easy again!” – Rick R.

persona nick nThe Best Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Denver, Colorado!

“We are a Denver business with a relatively large warehouse. We were referred to The Chimney Kings for their Air duct cleaning service. Our air ducts were pristine all the way up to the roof by the time they finished. They are highly efficient and experts in heating, cooling, and ventilation systems!” – Nick N.

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