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The Best Chimney Cap Repairs in Denver

A chimney is one of the most valuable structures in a home, and they are not only necessary for fireplaces but essentially anything that can burn wood, gas, coal, or oil. Chimneys remove carbon dioxide, smoke, and other gases from home, so having a proper chimney is a non-negotiable for any household.

In Denver, things are a little different than in the rest of America, and having a chimney for a fireplace or wood-burning stove is very special and supplies additional comfort to the home. Denver deals with cold Winters, and the Rocky Mountains cover nearly half of our state, and the elements can be harsh even in the Spring and Summer months if your home or business is located in the hills.

The Chimney Kings is a locally owned Denver business providing our friends and neighbors with chimney sweeps, repairs, and installation at a reasonable cost.

Our technicians, NFI certified and fully licensed with the Chimney Sweep & Safety Institute of America, are incredibly skilled. Our staff will work tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of your chimney, fireplace homes, and businesses!

chimney cap and structure
Having a solid structure with a resilient cap to keep the weather out is vital to keep your chimney running smoothly

secure chimneySecuring Your Chimney Structure

To fully secure a masonry chimneys structure, the wood shingles on your roof – you need a solid chimney cap and crown. Luckily, we have been called the chimney jack of all trades because our Denver business offers chimney sweeps and has repaired, installed, and completed inspections for just about any situation.

Every job is different, and to remain efficient and diligent in our line of work – our crew fights to protect our clients and provide a custom experience for repairs or installation.

Various companies across America claim to supply customers with reliable chimney services. Our company sets itself apart with our attention to detail, high-quality materials, and professional team of insured, certified technicians.

We are fully dedicated to being a Denver business that is accessible to all different Denver residents. Our chimney cap and chimney crown repair options are meant to manifest stable, unshakable chimneys ready to face the elements and anything that comes in contact with their structure.

Denver Chimney Specialists – Service Areas

The Chimney Kings of Denver, Coloradoaims to supply a wide range of chimney cap and crown options to act as replacements and repairs. We service the Denver Metro area and towns such as Lone Tree, Black Hawk, Boulder, Golden, Breckenridge, Loveland, Lakewood, Littleton, Centennial, Aurora, Arvada, Cherry Creek, Cherry Hills, and beyond.

While our services may differ from what is seen across America because we aim to provide the very best. Your house is entitled to great service and protection to satisfy your masonry chimney needs!

no chimney cap on masonry structure
Installing a cap on your chimney is not compulsory. However, it will help keep wildlife and weather out of your chimney flue!

Do I Need to Install a Chimney Cap for my Masonry Chimney?

You may be curious – do I need to install chimney caps if I do not already have them? Or, why should I rush to repair my current chimney cap – why is that such a big deal?

Chimney caps and single flue caps do an excellent job of providing sufficient defense for your fireplace and chimney. If you already have a chimney cap, you should be completing inspections of your fireplace annually to ensure no repairs are required and to ensure you are getting tune-ups and general maintenance on both.

If your chimney cap is severely damaged beyond repair, raccoons have invaded your area, or the Colorado snow has caused moisture to seep into your chimney, it may be time to replace your cap! If you do not already have one, there are plenty of reasons to install a chimney cap for your fireplace:

Stops Colorado wildlife and animals like – raccoons, squirrels, birds, and even bats – from invading your space and taking advantage of the shelter your chimney bricks can provide.

Keeps the rain, snow, and other debris from nearby trees out of your chimney. Denver is more subject than other parts of America to heavy snow, which inevitably brings additional moisture and the possibility of water getting into your chimney.

It saves you money by preserving your chimney liner, damper, and mortar joints – helping to avoid costly repairs you may need otherwise. It also will help lower heating and energy costs by acting as a hat on your chimney flue, keeping more heat in your home when the fireplace is in use.

chimney fire hazardHow to Prevent a Chimney Fire

One of the biggest things your chimney cap does is act as a spark arrestor. It helps keeps fire sparks to a minimum – if a spark was to pop out and hit your roof or wood shingles, the chance of a fire increases significantly. Chimney caps are meant to provide complete defense from fire risk.

The Chimney Kings always suggest installing a chimney cap for fire safety. Our client’s safety and the security of their homes are our number one priority. The chimney cap also helps to stop embers from blowing down the chimney – it is a two-way street!

excess chimney soot
Don’t allow excess soot to clog your chimney flue. Our crew specializes in cleaning and repairs for a wide variety of chimneys

Top-Notch Fireplace & Chimney Repair Services

Our staff and crew consistently provide superior chimney sweeps, repairs, inspections, and installations. During your regular chimney sweep, you should always ask questions about anything you have felt concerned about. All the chimney sweeps of America cannot hold a candle to the remarkable routine services we provide our customers.

The Chimney Kings stand to prioritize the need for extraordinary chimney sweeps and cleaning, chimney repair, and install of elite chimney caps! Multiple components go into creating a healthy chimney, and many common issues must be addressed to maintain that clean bill of health…

chimney capChimney Caps

Chimney caps protect your chimney and the rest of your home or business. Our company wants to provide strenuous upkeep for your house and fireplace. While regular cleaning can assist in the maintenance process, if you are dealing with a broken or damaged chimney cap, you need to deal with it quickly.

The Chimney Kings offers repairs as we are experienced in dealing with various manufacturers within and outside of the standard sizes for chimney caps – and we are capable of completing repairs even when things seem unrepairable.

Chimney Cap Installation in Denver, Colorado

When your cap needs to be replaced, you must end up with the one right for your house. Our crew provides a free estimate and assessment for our company services.

We can offer a professional opinion on the correct chimney cap for your home or business. (To determine the best-fitting cap, determine if you have a metal, copper, stone, or stucco mold for your chimney.)

Once our assessment is complete, our team will create a stable, sound masonry chimneyWe offer the following chimney cap features:

  • Stainless steel options are durable and protect against all of the elements.
  • Fire Prevention and spark arresting to ensure those sparks off of your fireplaces are not putting you or your family at risk.
  • Single Flue & Multi Flue options.
  • The extended flue is also available if required or applicable.
  • Square, Oval, and Round Flues of different shapes and sizes are available and can be customized to fit your chimney perfectly!

Maintaining Your Chimney Caps

Once your chimney cap has been installed or your previous cap repaired – continued upkeep and maintenance are always suggested. The Chimney Kings can easily assist in regular chimney sweeps and inspections for your cap, crown, brick/stonework, damper, and every chimney component!

chimney crown repair
A cracked chimney crown will allow rain, snow, and debris into your hearth. Our team will seal the cracks and keep your chimney clear!

chimney crownChimney Crown

While chimney caps provide ample protection for your fireplaces across America – crowns do a legitimate service. A cracked crown is a pretty frequent problem we see. The crown is the top of the chimney which supports a chimney cap and absorbs water, preventing its entry down into your chimney flue and, in turn – into your roof, home, and fireplace.

When the chimney crown becomes cracked, it is crucial to reach out for repair service as soon as possible to prevent rain and additional debris from getting into the chimney and causing further problems to the structure.

The Chimney Kings provides professional repair service and cleaning for any cracked chimney. We take things brick-by-brick; our job is not just a job but a passion we were called to do. Providing support to our customers when they are dealing with

The Installation Process

Getting your chimneys new crown installed is quick and easy. We service the residents of Denver in hopes of making their life a little more straightforward. When you are preparing for installations of any kind, you can expect the following:

Free Estimate/Assessment – we will review the current condition of your chimney and complete measurements for the job. A comprehensive evaluation and options for services will be provided for your review and decision.

Initial Construction – Having something new installed anywhere isn’t always something you can prepare for, but with The Kings, you won’t even know we are there. We will put a cast in place and cover the flue liner using metal sleeves.

Finishing Touches – Before we pour everything, we will reinforce everything with steel bars and wire mesh to prevent any future cracking or damage due to smoke, rain, etc.

Cleaning – Our crew will clean the area and review the new structure with the homeowner to ensure it is to their liking. We will ask for a review of the services to understand any improvements we can make, as we always hope to make things easier for our clients!

chimney sweeping
Chimney sweeping goes beyond images of Victorian London and long wire brushes. But the objective remains the same; we’ll have your chimney clean and clear in no time!

Chimney SweepChimney Sweeps

chimney sweep and cleaning is integral to being a homeowner in America. These services should help to increase the safety and security of your home.

The Chimney Kings chimney sweeps are incredibly unique as they clean all the ashes and debris left in your fireplace from top to bottom. We will also complete a full inspection of your chimney at that time to ensure that nothing could harm you and your family.

Dryer vent cleaning

A chimney sweep service may get you thinking about the rest of your duct systems. Your dryer vent is one of your home’s more considerable fire hazards. It is something used frequently and ends up with a ton of build-up over time which can result in a fire. Our technicians are professionally trained to thoroughly clean your dryer vent and air ducts!

Additional Masonry Chimney Services

Chimney sweeps and repairs are not the only things we do. The Chimney Kings offers a wide range of excellent chimney services:

new chimney
Reach out to us today to discuss the options available for your chimney repairs and maintenance!

Upgrade Your Chimney

Upgrade your chimney today and enhance your everyday life by adding a layer of protection with The Chimney Kings caps and crowns services! We are proud to continue our support through continued inspections and maintenance of your entire chimney and heating appliances.

call us todayCall Our Chimney Experts Today for Stress-Free Cap and Crown Installation

If you are hoping to strap on new caps or crowns, or – if you are interested in chimney sweeps or need a chimney inspection, reach out to an expert from our team at (303) 331-7978. We are happy to provide a free quote and full assessment for any repair service, and we look forward to working as a team and working toward the continued safety of your family and your home!

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