How do You Know if Your Chimney Needs to Be Rebuilt?

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Chimneys are a crucial part of every Denver household. When there are significant chimney repair services for residents to consider, one starts to wonder whether or not making that repair is worth it.

Chimney rebuilding is a more considerable project, and the decision is sometimes difficult. However, Mile High homeowners cannot ignore plenty of surefire signs when deciding between repair or replacement options.

hire professional chimney services companyMultiple Factors to Consider Before Hiring Professionals for a Chimney Rebuild

You can’t judge a chimney rebuild on one broken portion of the unit. Whether you need a new chimney cap, resurfacing of the flue lining, or even repairs to the internal mortar joints, it all begins with looking at the bigger picture.

Contacting a local chimney cleaning company can help kickstart your journey to finding the correct answers, but don’t push the problems you are experiencing under the rug.

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A Damaged Chimney Doesn’t Always Require Rebuilding

Just because you notice rust doesn’t signal that your chimney is leading toward its final downfall. After all, most chimneys can last up for nearly a century!

Your chimney is the primary helper in relieving all smoke, fire, and gases from the property, so when a problem occurs, it still requires your urgent attention.

You Cannot Always See the Scope of Damage

The problem is that homeowners aren’t typically aware of the internal enemies that may be lying in their chimney flue and the interior components of the structure.

Whether you have a bird nest poaching all your chimney liner, worn motor joints, or shalling flue tiles, these things are not generally visible problems and require a professional chimney sweep and repair company to diagnose the issue.

Acknowledge the Damages to Your Chimney Structure

Utilizing The Chimney Kings Denver chimney services will ensure you can get that old chimney inspected, but it is still up to Mile High homeowners to remain proactive and aware of what is going on with their chimney.

Some issues are more concerning than others, and many of these issues may be a signal to begin rebuilding the chimney!

chimney water damage

Water and Moisture Damages

Excess moisture throughout the structure can lead to a chain reaction, causing problems from the chimney crown to the damper and smoke chamber areas.

This can seep through every surface, creating stains on the outside brick, and become a widespread issue due to snow, melting ice, hail, and extreme weather elements in Colorado.

If the problem affects multiple parts of the chimney system, it is time to consider how moisture affects the structure and begin consulting for potential rebuilding.

Cracked Flue Tiles

The flue lining is another critical component of the chimney as it guides smoke from the fireplace and through the crown.

When and if the chimney lining deteriorates, it can directly affect your mortar joints and exterior mortar, leading to an unstable chimney system that needs rebuilding.

firebox brick crumbling repair

Crumbling Bricks

No one wants to see bricks so damaged that they are crumbling; this is almost always an immediate cause for alarm.

Sometimes, the bricks can simply be repaired and replaced one by one, but if this happens in combination with damaged mortar or shaling flue tiles, it cannot be ignored and should be assessed by professionals.

chimney damage iconDamage to Chimney Crown

The crown remains the ultimate protection mode for all elements throughout the flue. Chimney crown repair is possible, but a partial rebuild may be the more sensible decision in cases of extreme damage.

Damaged Chimney Cap

A chimney cap sits on the very top of the system, defending all the interiors from melting snow and water. With larger caps, they even work to protect the crown as well!

When the chimney cap is completely failing, it can cause a ripple effect in the system, spreading water throughout everything, which exceeds the point of repair. However, repairs can be completed to avoid replacement when the cap damage is caught on time.

Leaning Chimney System

Once the chimney is leaning, the structure is visibly unsound. This means the system is at risk of collapsing, which can cause damage to the roof, those within the household, and the rest of the chimney systems.

A licensed chimney masonry specialist should always address this to determine whether rebuilding the structure is necessary or repairs will suffice.

schedule chimney service denverScheduling a Chimney Inspection with Local Professionals in Denver, CO

The Chimney Kings of Denver, CO, offers complimentary chimney inspection services so customers can understand what having their chimney rebuilt means, why it may be the best option, etc.

With an annual chimney inspection, clients gain access to a complete investigation of any damage inside or outside the structure.

Damaged flue tiles aren’t the end of the world, but when coupled with a crumbing crown structure and a cracked firebox, it may be more convenient to invest in rebuilding these systems.

Deciding Between Chimney Rebuilding Services & Chimney Repair

Once the household has conducted a reputable chimney inspection, Denverites can decide to move forward.

When lightning strikes, it is often the homeowner’s primary concern to figure out an immediate resolution, but there is not always a straightforward answer.

Plenty of pieces can help customers make an informed decision, but understanding the full scope of options is something that your chimney experts can help with.

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The Options to Have Your Chimney Rebuilt

There are two primary options when rebuilding a chimney in Denver.

  • Partial Chimney Rebuild: Partial rebuilding means that only one section or portion of the chimney can be replaced. A partial rebuild works best when a client must replace their chimney crown or other portions due to damage.
  • Complete Chimney Rebuild: Complete chimney rebuild replaces the entire structure. This is typically implemented with underlying structural problems.

chimney faqsPeople Also Ask Chimney Restoration Services

How often will I need to have my chimney replaced in Denver?

With a brick chimney, you won’t need to search for a local chimney repair near me for up to 100 years, as most brick structures can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years. Metal chimneys have a much shorter lifespan and generally only last up to 20 years.

Regardless of the materials, plenty of factors can force homeowners to secure a company for reliable chimney rebuilding.

Lack of regular inspection and maintenance, extreme weather, damaged internal parts, and external structural flaws can all push the system to its limit.

How much does it usually cost to rebuild a chimney crown?

The costs associated with chimney rebuilding varies depending on what kind of chimney you’re hoping to create, materials, labor, and the chimney masonry business you choose to work with for the project.

In 2024, replacing an entire chimney can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000. However, there is the option for a partial rebuild, which will cut those costs by half.

service differencesWhat are the differences between the rebuilding process and tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing chimney service is very different from a complete chimney rebuild; it is focused on the mortar joints. Over time, these joints can break, causing severe structural problems, but instead of replacing things with a new chimney through a complete rebuild.

Your technicians will rid the structure of damaged mortar and install new compounds to withstand the future possibility of chimney damage.

Work with Full-Service Chimney Experts to Plan Your Upcoming Rebuild

If you aren’t sure whether or not a rebuild is proper for your fireplace and chimney, a chimney inspection conducted by us will reveal if mortar masonry rebuilds are necessary.

Extensive damage doesn’t always call for total chimney restoration, but if you feel as if you have passed the point of return following a house fire, dealing with a crumbling structure, or excessively cracked masonry work, contact our chimney masonry experts.

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