Chimney Inspection Denver: When, Why, and Importance

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Nothing compares to the cozy comfort of curling up in front of a full, roaring fire.

However, as a seasoned fireplace owner, you know that caring for the fireplace and chimney requires a lot of money, time, and attention.

Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of your daily life can make it impossible to fit chimney and fireplace maintenance into your routine.

Want to keep your home clean, your family safe, and your fireplace well-maintained?

Get a hold of the Chimney Kings, and you can check an expert chimney inspection off your “to-do” list.

chimney inspection
Don’t wait until problems with your chimney arise. Book your inspection today and let us prevent any issues!

Why Should I Schedule A Yearly Chimney Inspection in Denver, Colorado?

Your fireplace is a significant asset, even during the warmer months of the year, but winter is when your fireplace turns from a luxury into a necessity.

Like many Denverites, you rely on your fireplace as a supplemental heating source, and you need to know that when the temps drop and the snow starts falling, you can light up a fire to keep your monthly heating bills down.

Proper fireplace maintenance begins and ends with one simple task: Scheduling your yearly inspection.

warning signsYour Fireplace Does Pose Serious Safety Issues

Whether you enjoy the convenience and ease of maintenance that comes with owning a gas fireplace, the affordability of pellet stoves or wood stoves, or prefer the traditional elegance of a wood-burning fireplace, any appliance or apparatus is a potential safety issue.

Although rare, a house fire can be caused by an improperly maintained fireplace.

According to the NFPA, or National Fire Protection Association, an unkempt, dirty, or damaged heating source, including a chimney and fireplace, is the second leading cause of house fires in the United States.

What is the easiest way to prevent severe property damage and physical harm – Contact the Denver chimney sweeps at The Chimney Kings!

dryer vent clogThe Dangers of Creosote Buildup and Chimney Fires

You love your wood-burning fireplace but don’t love the mess, including all that soot and the thick, black, tarry substance that covers the firebox, liner, chimney cap, and flue.

Although it seems innocuous, that black substance is called creosote, which seriously threatens your fireplace’s efficiency and your family’s safety.

Creosote is a natural by-product created when you burn seasoned wood.

An overabundance of creosote can do more than create an unsightly mess – It can also ignite quickly and cause a chimney fire.

Did you know that creosote tends to accumulate on the top of the chimney near chimney caps?

This can make it difficult for you as a homeowner to spot, which is why you need to schedule a yearly inspection and cleaning ASAP.

fireplace iconA More Efficient Fireplace

Like any other heating apparatus, dirty, damaged fireplaces are less efficient.

What does this mean for you – Just like your natural gas furnace or electric heater, an inefficient fireplace costs more money to operate.

In addition to having chimneys inspected, there are several other ways to increase your fireplace’s efficiency, including:

  • Burn dry, seasoned wood
  • Install a fireback
  • Upgrade to glass doors
  • Ensure the fireplace is properly sealed

air flowThe Impact of Your Fireplace on Indoor Air Quality

Proper fireplace maintenance is critical if someone in your home suffers from asthma or any other respiratory condition.

When you burn wood in your fireplace, small particulates are released, along with ash and soot, into the atmosphere.

This negative impact on your indoor air quality can not only be irritating, it can be downright dangerous.

A poorly-maintained wood fireplace can release harmful amounts of carbon monoxide into your home.

Carbon monoxide is a completely colorless, odorless gas that can be extremely dangerous and, unfortunately, deadly, even in small amounts.

At The Chimney Kings, we will work with you to create a fireplace management plan, including regular inspections and cleanings, that will protect your family from the dangers of indoor air pollution and carbon monoxide.

chimney inspection
There are varying levels of chimney inspections, depending on the existing condition of your structure

What Are the Three Levels of Chimney Inspections?

The Chimney Safety Institute of America, CSIA, breaks basic chimney inspections into three different levels based on service level or any damage to the fireplace and its components:

dryer vent ductLevel one chimney inspection: 

The most common, basic inspection, the technician won’t require any special tools and will perform a cursory checkup of all components.

If you don’t have any damage and don’t require repairs, you can often get away with this cheapest form of inspection.

The technician will focus on the flue and other readily accessible components.

Chimney SweepLevel two chimney inspection: 

If you need to make minor alterations to the interior or exterior, or if you have just installed a new fireplace, you will require at least a level two chimney inspection.

Schedule a level two inspection if you are selling your home, your chimney has recently suffered damage, including weather-related damage, or if you have skipped your yearly inspection.

masonry repairLevel three chimney inspection: 

A level three inspection is required if you are planning on building a new chimney or replacing the major components.

In cases when major defects were identified during a level two inspection, the tech might require a level three inspection to be performed.

The most extreme cases require the removal of chimney bricks, the lining, or the cap.

Not sure which level of inspection you require? Our chimney repair specialists can help!

While we are on the roof performing an inspection, and we notice any damage to your roof, our team can perform a number of upgrades and repairs, including trusted roof repairs and emergency roof tarping.

chimney inspection
You can expect a warm and open discussion about your chimney from a professional serviceman

Your Annual Inspection: What You Should Expect

You’ve contacted certified chimney professionals in the past, but if you’ve never worked with the pros at The Chimney Kings, you haven’t worked with the best!

What can you expect in addition to great customer service? You can expect a local professional team that will perform a thorough inspection, schedule any necessary fireplace repair services, and ensure your fireplace is operating at peak efficiency!

inspectionA Level One, Level Two, or Level Three Inspection of the Fireplace and Chimney

Not all annual inspections are the same, and we can help you determine which level of assessment you will require.

Rest assured that if you require more thorough inspections, such as a level two or three, we will work to ensure you still enjoy a reasonable cost.

Whether you opt for a level one, two, or three inspection, your checkup will include:

  • A thorough inspection of interior components – Including the surround, hearth, apron, chimney lining, and firebox.
  • A complete checkup of the exterior portions – Such as the chimney cap, flue opening, and chimney.

Fair prices, integrity, and professionalism are just a few of the things you can expect when you hire a locally operated business to handle all your chimney care needs.

Did the professional recommend a new chimney lining?

A well-maintained lining is one of the most critical aspects of proper fireplace maintenance.

Don’t worry! We can install a superior chimney lining that will last for years!

chimney cleaningYou Will More Than Likely Need an Extensive Denver Chimney Cleaning!

Whether you only require a level one checkup or a more extensive level three inspection, you will receive a chimney cleaning.

Expect the professional to lay drop cloths or plastic sheeting to keep the floors clean and furniture free from soot, dust, and other debris.

The chimney sweep will either start inside the firebox and work its way up with specialized long, bristled cleaning rods or start on the roof and work its way down.

If a repair is required, it will either be scheduled for a later date or if it is minor, the tech could perform it on the spot.

Chimney cleaning by experts will always be comprehensive, especially when you work with the team at The Chimney Kings!

gas fireplace
Unsure about what to do before your inspection is due? Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be in good hands

Before the Pros Arrive: Tips to Prep for Your Chimney Sweep and Inspection

It’s that time of year again: You need a chimney inspection and cleaning.

Pro tip: Spring and summer are the preferred times to have your chimney inspected!

Preparation is vital to ensure the tech can easily access your chimney and protect your home and belongings.

Don’t sweat, and instead, follow these simple tips to help you properly prepare for your professional chimney inspection, sweep, or chimney repair:

  • Prepare a list of problems you’ve had with the fireplace and chimney.
  • Move your rugs and furniture far away from the fireplace.
  • Clear any impediments from the house to give a clear path to the roof and chimney.
  • Keep your children and pets in another room.

Did you know that in addition to a complete chimney checkup, the team at The Chimney Kings are pros at all chimney services – from chimney crown installation to brick tuckpointing mastery?!

Gas FireplaceDoes My Gas Fireplace Require a Yearly Inspection?

From the clean burning convenience of natural gas to the money you save on perfectly seasoned firewood.

What isn’t there to love about opting for a gas fireplace insert?

Another fantastic upside is that because you don’t burn wood, you don’t need to have your gas fireplace inspected yearly, right?

Just like a pellet stove or wood-burning fireplace, we recommend having your natural gas model inspected at least once a year.

Why – yearly checkups ensure the fireplace runs efficiently and safely and increases its longevity.

We can handle your gas fireplace inspection and so much more!

Want to learn more? Here is some interesting and very useful information about the Chimney Kings!

animal removal
During the summer, your unused chimney duct may have become home for some feathered or furry tenants!

The Chimney Kings: Your One-Stop Shop For Dryer Vent Cleaning and Animal Removal Services

At The Chimney Kings, we can handle more than just inspecting and cleaning your chimney!

We can tackle your chimney cap installation, specialize in firebox repair excellence, and professional dryer vent cleaning!

Did you know that in addition to unkempt fireplaces, dirty, overloaded dryer vents pose a serious fire hazard?

When your dryer vent becomes filled with lint, dirt, pet hair, and other debris, it doesn’t allow for proper airflow.

Lack of airflow and the heat produced by dryers is a recipe for disaster.

Another disaster is finding an unwanted pest in your attic, kitchen, or bedroom.

Rats, mice, insects, and even bats and raccoons can climb through your chimney and into your home.

At The Chimney Kings, we specialize in animal removal services and can help you devise a plan to keep unwanted visitors out of your home once and for all.

Contact us today for safe animal removal.

chimney faq
Your pressing chimney inspection questions answered here!

Our Customers Also Ask

clean ducts regularlyWhen should you get your chimney swept?

There is never a wrong time to get your chimney swept; however, we recommend getting it cleaned and inspected at least once a year, preferably in the spring or summer.

Watch out for the telltale signs your chimney needs to be cleaned ASAP, including:

  • Fires are not burning as efficiently: Your fire should be burning steadily with minimal smoldering rather than roaring. If the fire just looks “off,” chances are your fireplace requires a cleaning.
  • Trouble starting a fire: It shouldn’t take more than a few moments and minimal kindling to start a fire. If it takes longer than expected, there is improper airflow, and your fireplace needs to be cleaned.
  • Your house is smokey: The fire is burning, and the smoke should easily escape up the chimney. If there is an abundance of smoke in the house, your chimney is blocked or severely dirty.
  • Severe creosote buildup: Can you see severe creosote buildup in your fireplace? Get a hold of the Chimney Kings to clean out the chimney right away.

Of course, if there is any problem, no matter what the season, we will be there to help!

How can I tell if my fireplace is safe to use?

Fireplace safety is a serious concern, and if you, for any reason, believe there is an issue with your fireplace, contact us right away to perform a thorough inspection and repair.

Not sure if your fireplace is safe – Here are a few signs your fireplace requires immediate attention:

  • Severe rust on the chimney or firebox
  • Leaking chimney
  • Widespread white staining on the brick chimney
  • Worn and damaged mortar joints
  • Damaged interior walls – particularly near your fireplace

fireboxHow do I find a qualified chimney sweep in Denver, CO?

Like any other service professional entering your home, you want to make sure that your chimney sweep is the best of the best.

Look for a professional company that holds a certification through the National Chimney Sweep Guild or the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

smokeIs getting your chimney swept messy?

Yes, getting your chimney swept is typically very messy, especially if you wait several years between cleanings or use your wood-burning fireplace or wood stove often.

An annual cleaning will definitely cut down on the mess!

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Reviews of Our Amazing Inspection and Chimney Sweeps Services

personaMy Chimney Needed to be Cleaned and Repaired

“My chimney needed to be inspected and cleaned before selling my house.

I contacted several pros in Littleton, including Midtown Chimney Sweeps, but their prices were too expensive!

The Chimney Kings did a great job, didn’t charge a fortune, and were in and out in no time.”

personaThe Best Denver Chimney Sweeping Service!

“I had an older wood-burning fireplace that was constantly acting up at my Denver home.

After months of dealing with drafts and pests, I called this chimney cleaning company.

The installation of a new damper did the trick!

It only took a few hours, and my fireplace works better than ever!”

personaFair Prices, Wonderful Chimney Inspectors, and Excellent Service!

“I have been overcharged in the past, so I called this local chimney sweep company.

Boy, did they do a great job for an even better price!

I can’t believe how much money I saved.

5/5 would recommend them to all my friends in Lakewood.”

personaMy Dryer Vents Have Never Been Cleaner!

“My dryer vents through the crawl space, so needless to say, cleaning out the vent was not a job I wanted to handle.

Luckily, my friend who lives in Greenwood Village recommended the Chimney Kings.

Kfir did a great job, and they are my go-to for dryer vent cleaning!”

Picture of Kfir W.
Kfir W.

As a boy, I used to climb trees and stand on the top of the roof of my childhood house. I love the adrenaline and looking at the world from an aerial perspective. This is why everybody calls me The Chimney King!