How to Prepare Your Denver Chimney for Summer

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After another hard Denver winter season, you are ready to relax, enjoy a stroll through Chessman Park, or take a kayak out to the Cherry Creek Reservoir.

However, before you can truly enjoy yourself, you need to take care of some unfinished business—prepping your fireplace and chimney for summer.

Spring and summer are the perfect time to perform DIY maintenance while securing Comprehensive Chimney Services in Denver!

Here is the definitive guide to fireplace maintenance during the off-season summer months:

Say Goodbye to Cozy Fires During the Winter Season: Spring and Summer Wood Burning Fireplace Preparation

The cold winter months are over, and now you are ready to fire up your air conditioner rather than rely on your fireplace for supplemental heat.

Now is the perfect time to perform some much-needed maintenance and work with Denver’s Premier Chimney Services to ensure the entire unit, from the mantel to the chimney cap, is in proper working order.

chimney inspection during denver summer

Perform a Visual Inspection of Your Chimney and Fireplace Box

Grab your flashlight and perform a cursory inspection of the various fireplace components, including the mantel, hearth, firebox, chimney lining, flue, and the chimney itself.

For example, look for rust and corrosion on the chimney lining. If there is damage to the lining, Secure Your Chimney Lining Before Summer to prevent further corrosion.

Make a note of any damage to the chimney masonry and grout.

Clean away broken branches from the roof and look for signs of an animal infestation, including a nest or droppings inside the firebox or chimney.

Armed with this information, a professional can thoroughly clean the chimney and tackle any Fireplace Repairs Before Summer.

Clean Away All the Ash, Soot, and Unburned Wood

Fireplaces get very dirty when used consistently during the colder months. Rigorous cleaning is an essential part of caring for your fireplace.

Professional Summer Chimney Cleaning in Denver is a must, but there are ways you can have a hand in keeping your fireplace pristine and functional.

Cover the floor around the fireplace with a plastic sheet or a drop cloth before using a small shovel and a shop vac to clear away any unburned wood and ash.

Allow the ash and embers to cool entirely before scooping the unwanted debris into a small metal bucket.

Take this opportunity to clean the fireplace viewing window, mantel, and hearth.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Inspect the damper and chimney cap, two fundamentally essential components to ensure proper fireplace ventilation.

A dirty or damaged fireplace and chimney do not allow the unit to properly dispel smoke and contaminants from your home, which ultimately impacts indoor air quality and puts your family at risk.

Learn How to Store Firewood Properly

Did you know that improper wood storage can impact fireplaces’ functionality and efficiency and can lead to the buildup of dangerous creosote?

The best way to protect your fireplace and avoid Professional Chimney Repair for Summer Safety is to follow these tips to store wood properly:

  • Never store wood directly on the ground
  • Keep your wood pile covered
  • Always stack, store, and burn properly seasoned wood

chimney damper maintenance denver

Close Your Chimney Damper

The chimney damper is responsible for controlling airflow and ensuring your fireplace is running at peak efficiency.

Always close your damper when the fireplace is not in use to prevent cool air from escaping and keep odors lurking in the chimney from creeping into your home.

Caring for Your Gas Fireplace in Warmer Weather

Don’t forget to service your gas fireplace during the summer months, too!

Replace any damaged components, schedule yearly upkeep, and clean off the unit, including wiping down the glass doors and removing any debris or dust around the fireplace and vents.

The Impact of Colorado’s Heat on Your Chimney and Fireplace

Many homeowners mistakenly believe they can ignore their fireplace and chimney during the “off-season” because it is not in use.

In reality, fireplace care is something that requires your attention all year long.

We want our customers to understand the impact warmer temperatures can have on their fireplaces and to ensure they understand how to care for every component.

Contact us today with all your fireplace care related questions.

We will help you learn how to Protect Your Chimney Crown This Summer and notice the tell-tale signs it is time to seek Firebox Repair Services

Structural Damage from Heat, Wind, Rain, and Unwanted Pests

The unrelenting heat, high winds, torrential downpours, and unexpected visitors can all wreak havoc on every part of your fireplace system.

Schedule regular maintenance and repairs in summer when the fireplace is not in use.

If you are dealing with nuisance animals and pests, from ants to raccoons and bats, we offer comprehensive Animal Removal for Chimneys.

The Noticeable Smell of Creosote Build-Up in Summer

A potentially dangerous by-product of burning wood, even properly seasoned wood, creosote accumulates inside your chimney and is highly flammable.

Scheduling regular cleanings and Expert Chimney Inspections in Denver is the best way to protect your home and family, but another issue that can become very noticeable in summer is the smell of creosote.

The combination of warmth and high humidity will cause the creosote to melt, and the smell can leak into every room of your home.

In addition to closing the damper, schedule a cleaning before summer to eliminate excess creosote and prevent those nasty odors from ruining your summer.

fast chimney services in denver

Your Go-To Chimney Sweep, Repair, and Maintenance Company

The snow has finally melted, and you are ready to step outside and enjoy the endless summer activities throughout the Mile High City.

Not so fast, because there is one chore you must check off your list before you can truly unwind: Fireplace upkeep.

Contact Denver’s Chimney Experts during the summer months to ensure the safety and efficiency of your Colorado fireplace. In addition to cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, we also offer Emergency Roof Tarping and Brick Tuckpointing

Our goal is to provide you with expert services at a fair price.

Summer is the best time to perform the necessary upkeep that ensures your fireplace is functional, and we are the right company to provide you with customized solutions for all your needs.

Let Us Help You Keep Your System in Tip Top Shape

Fireplace upkeep is a huge responsibility and one that you shouldn’t try to tackle yourself.

Instead, take advantage of our years of expertise, know-how, and knowledge!

No matter what the season, our team of fully licensed, qualified fireplace experts have innovative ideas to keep your fireplace at peak performance.

Our Denver Customers Also Ask

Can I Use My Fireplace If It Hasn’t Been Used in Years?

Absolutely, but only if you have the fireplace inspected and cleaned by a professional first.

Underutilized fireplaces pose a serious health and safety risk.

Before starting the first fire, the unit must be thoroughly cleaned and inspected, and any necessary repairs must be performed.

If your fireplace is older and doesn’t have a cap, we recommend asking about our Chimney Cap Solutions in Denver.  

How Do I Stop Cold Air from Coming Through My Fireplace?

Repair any masonry cracks, install fireplace doors or screens, ask a professional about the benefits of a heat shield, and close the damper.

How To Make Sure Your Fireplace Is Ready to Use?

Don’t take a chance. Contact a professional before using your fireplace this fall or winter, especially if the unit has been sitting idle for several seasons.

A chimney cleaning is the most important part of ensuring your fireplace is ready when the winter weather returns to Colorado!

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