Can the Inside of Your Chimney be Repaired?

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Chimney repair is just another fact of life for homeowners throughout Denver, Colorado, and it isn’t just the exterior pieces that need assistance.

Every property requires a working chimney for traditional and electric fireplace setups, but the entire structure is at risk without the fully functional internal elements.

Even if a chimney structure looks aesthetically pleasing on the outside, it doesn’t mean there aren’t more considerable issues lurking inside.

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Understanding the Inner Workings of a Chimney

Chimneys offer the movement of any hot air or gases rising from fire to ensure nothing is left to linger within the house.

A chimney is not sucking up smoke or air, but it supplies a structurally sound space for the elements to rise naturally.

A lot is going on within the flue that can trigger the need for chimney repair from time to time, and when it is necessary, The Chimney Kings are ready to help!

healthy chimney iconA Healthy Chimney Flue is Essential to Everyday Operations

The flue is the vital passage that allows smoke to exit the property, and those who love fire will want to pay close attention to possible problems that may be occurring inside.

However, interior issues are very different from exterior chimney problems like a cracked chimney crown or chimney cap because they are not visible to the user.

The typical signs your chimney needs repair aren’t as apparent, and this is why annual inspections and enlisting the support of reputable chimney professionals are so necessary when dealing with damaged masonry!

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Damage to the Chimney Liner

Chimney flue repairs, issues with chimney liners, and flue tiles are some of Colorado’s more commonly requested repair services.

A Leaky chimney usually occurs over time due to a significant lack of maintenance and waterproof sealant, causing water damage and even fires.

When this occurs, relining is your best option in repairing the structure, and by using new materials, you can remain proactive against moisture from entering the structure, keeping everything in good condition!

Many problems may arise within the chimney flue, but all can be addressed with the help of local chimney specialists.

  • Creosote buildup due to wood burning in fireplaces.
  • Rodent or animal nest blockages.
  • General corrosion to the flue tiles.
  • Flue cracks.
  • A cracked crown is resulting in the need for crown repairs.
  • Deteriorating motor joints, etc.

Smoke Chamber Damages

Smoke chambers are subject to buildup and remain an essential piece of every chimney structure.

This is one of the first places your smoke will reach after leaving fireplaces, and when there is damage, present repairs are required!

The damper will control the final exit of any natural gases exiting through the flue and can cause a chain reaction to everything around it.

To practice chimney safety, most homeowners are forced to pay close attention to this chamber as it sits right above the fireplace, funneling all the smoke out of the property.

The bricks or concrete that make up this chamber can experience gaps, cracks, and damage from fire or moisture, causing a severe breakdown in materials and resulting in the need for repair.

Chimney Repair Options for Damper

A chimney damper is typically yet another common repair needed throughout the Denver metro area. Dampers are exposed to wood, fire, debris, gas, soot, and everything from your fireplace.

You cannot ignore a damaged or broken damper and should always contact chimney specialists to get the job done as quickly as possible.

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When a Firebox is Showing Signs of Damage

A firebox is an internal chimney component that is exposed inside the home.

This unit can suffer damage and cracking among the bricks, causing poor ventilation into the flue, cracking or falling bricks, etc.

This is a space where everything is exposed to the homeowner, so if you notice bricks of flue liner falling into the fireplace, don’t procrastinate!

Contact The Chimney Kings for a full assessment, as our experts can get things repaired and back to normal quickly and efficiently.

book a chimney inspectionBooking a Chimney Inspection to Review Your Interior Repairs

You can start your search for affordable chimney repair near me, but most Denver residents won’t look further than The Chimney Kings!

Our crew of chimney, roof, and fireplace experts is dedicated to completing a full chimney sweep and inspection to ensure the inside of your stone, mortar, or brick chimney remains in the best condition possible for your house and, more importantly, household members.

The Power of Maintenance for Your Chimney System

Everything from your chimney cap, mortar joints, flue, and fireplace needs a little rebuilding or repair support from time to time.

This includes cleaning and active upkeep to help reduce the need for these repairs!

With the help of chimney sweep and repair experts, every homeowner can keep the inside of their chimney healthy, functioning, and safe!

And while there are common myths about your Denver chimney and internal chimney repairs, the importance of maintaining the structure is not one of them.

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People Also Ask Denver Chimney Professionals

How is a chimney effectively relined?

Relining or replacing prior chimney liners is one of the most effective ways to restore the space, promoting benefits for your house and roof.

The lining is lowered using ropes, and masonry experts use bands for the mortar joints.

Once everything is installed, the area between your liner and chimney is filled with insulation.

service questionCan the inside of a chimney be resealed?

Sealing your existing chimney is one of the most effective ways to extend its life further.

It also reduces the amount of cleaning services required throughout the year.

It will actively prevent your brick-and-mortar systems from becoming vulnerable to water and other extreme elements that could potentially cause additional damage to the internal components of your chimney.

This can protect your chimney flue, crown, and the entire chimney but should only be completed with masonry repair experts!

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Can chimney liners be repaired?

Yes. Repairing a chimney liner if the rest of the structure is still in good shape is possible.

Certain parts of the existing chimney liner will be replaced, but many homeowners in Denver will opt to replace the chimney liner with a stainless steel liner option to prevent the need for future repair calls.

Replacement seems to be the more common option when there is severe damage to the liner, but it is up to the homeowner and hiring chimney professionals to decide.

Why do I have a leaning chimney?

Chimneys shouldn’t lean, but if yours is, there could be a problem with the footing of the structure.

The footing is essentially just your chimney structure’s foundation or base.

Older homes had chimneys built without any footing; others may need to have been installed correctly, so your chimney is in poor condition and needs immediate repairs!

chimney inspection services denverInterior Chimney Health is Simple with Regular Inspections and Masonry Chimney Specialists

The internal parts of your chimney can experience the same extensive damage that the exteriors are exposed to.

Whether you are dealing with cracks, the area has been exposed to chimney fires causing damage, or you need help replacing the chimney flue, the first thing Denverites should do is contact a professional.

With a legitimate chimney inspection, your family and house can find the peace of mind necessary when something isn’t feeling right inside.

Contact Your Local Chimney Sweep & Repair Experts for a Professional Inspection

The Chimney Kings earned the name because our locally owned, licensed, and insured masonry technicians are dedicated to keeping Denver households safe.

Contact our chimney repair experts to restore the interiors of your masonry chimneys and exterior components!

Our crew is here to help with any necessary repairs so that you can get back to enjoying your fireplace with friends, family, and the people you care about most.

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