Chimney Safety in Denver for Families with Children

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Chimney Sweeps and Denver Chimney Cleaning

Having a chimney or fireplace system in Colorado is wonderful this time of year. During the cold months, having a burning fireplace is an invaluable addition to one’s home. However, a chimney or fireplace can also bring a great deal of anxiety and worry for families with children in the house.

For as great as they are, these additions to your home must be attended to to maintain their beauty and, even more importantly, their safety.

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top chimney services iconYour Top Choice for Chimney Sweeps & Fireplace Inspection Services in Denver, CO

If you are looking for a Denver Certified Chimney Inspection from verified professionals to ensure that your home fireplace and chimney are safe for children around the house, Chimney Kings is here for you.

We are dedicated to doing the best job possible while maintaining your comfort and ease. We provide Expert Chimney Inspection Services, cleanings, and more to ensure every facet of your chimney system is child-friendly and certified safe.

Chimney Kings is certified and highly trained in the methods of the National Fire Protection Association and is prepared and ready to assist you. For further details on general fireplace safety, please read our Fireplace Safety Guide.

Certified Chimney Professionals with Chimney Safety Institute

A fully licensed chimney specialist conducts all chimney sweeps and has been approved by the Fire Safety Institute for a rigorous safety assessment.

During annual inspections, our team will always double-check every element of your fireplace systems with Professional Chimney Repair Solutions. It will also be on hand to offer any advice you may need to keep children safe.

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Chimney and Fireplace Repairs

Whether dealing with a wood stove, a pellet stove, an open fireplace, or heating appliances, it’s critical to be mindful of safety precautions around an active house fire, especially when children are around!

Stainless steel fireboxes and dampers can be major problems with fireplaces and pellet stoves everywhere.

If things such as the stove damper, air inlets on a wood stove, or even a chimney cap are closed too soon, it can lead to extensive corrosive gases and a creosote buildup. All of this is exceedingly dangerous for children.

This is why Firebox Repair by Skilled Professionals is of the utmost importance. The hazards of a fireplace system or chimney go well beyond the most prominent factors, with preserving the integrity of the air your children breathe being of immense concern.

Only through upkeeping with proper professional maintenance of these items can one be confident that all is safe.

levels of chimney inspectionLevels of Chimney Inspection

There are two distinct tiers of chimney inspection services. While Level 1 is a more basic overview of a chimney inspection, Level 2 is a more thorough look at every facet of your chimney.

For these reasons and more, it is strongly recommended that families with little ones conduct Level 2 inspections for the best and safest results possible.

Level 1 

Best for existing fireplace systems without modifications for continued service. The inspector checks sonic integrity to make sure the system works correctly and without any blockages or buildup.

Level 2

Best for a new fireplace. This inspection covers the entirety of Level 1 and the additional accessible sections of the chimney. Here, Inspectors use video-scanning equipment. It is required for selling homes with existing chimney systems.

animal removal from chimney

Animal Removal Services Denver

Chimneys are a beautiful way to connect the interior of one’s home to the outside world. They let smoke out from the fireplace and can help to circulate airflow through all kinds of weather, serving a similar purpose to glass doors.

However, they also serve as ways for unwanted pests to get inside your home if you’re not careful and vigilant.

Creatures who like to make chimneys their home, such as raccoons, squirrels, or birds, can potentially cause huge problems for your family and home.

This can be exceedingly dangerous to young children, who are more susceptible to attacks and infections from such animals as well.

Per our Comprehensive Denver Chimney Maintenance Guide, chimney inspections will always include investigating your chimney and ensuring no unwanted critters have moved into it.

Chimney caps often do a great job of preventing animals from ever getting in the first place, but even a chimney cap is sometimes not enough to keep out stubborn animals.

So, while a chimney cap is valuable, it’s not the answer to every problem. Frequent chimney inspections, general chimney upkeep, and Animal Removal Services for Chimneys are crucial to maintaining your family’s and children’s health and safety from potential vermin invaders.

dryer vent cleaning iconDryer Vent Cleaning

You’d be surprised by how much dust a dryer vent can hold. This results in polluted air and could lead to breathing issues in the long term, especially for children with more sensitive breathing ways and passages.

To keep your family safe, providing excellent service at reasonable prices, dryer vent cleaning can be included in your annual inspection from Chimney Kings.

Our operated business’ annual inspections cover all appliances related to your fireplace and chimney, and a specialist will inspect your dryer vent to ensure that cleaning is accomplished correctly to avoid a house fire.

wood burn in fireplace

Wood Burning Fireplace Inspection Service (with Wood Stoves)

Experts on your fireplace should also perform an annual inspection to ensure the home’s safety. Inspections on fireplaces or a firebox can ensure no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Anywhere there is smoke and heat, one must be careful, especially around children. Smoke is hazardous, and excess carbon monoxide issues can be avoided altogether by remaining vigilant and keeping carbon monoxide detectors up to code.

This is why one should never leave your fireplace unattended for any reason, especially when children are present. Flying sparks or tumbling logs can quickly start a burning fire.

This is also where drop cloths and runners come in handy for protection. Fireplace Repairs by Experts are what help keep you and your children safe.

fireplace inspection iconGas Fireplace Inspection Service (Without a Wood Stove)

Under no circumstances should gasoline, lighter fluid, or a charcoal grill lighter be used, especially when children are present. These items can catch fire too intensely and lead to short-term and long-term problems.

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types of fireplace iconWhat Types of Fireplaces Need Inspection?

Each and every fireplace needs inspection. Your fireplace should receive an annual inspection for families with children, at the very least.

Having an active fire in the home where all of your belongings and family members are comes with numerous potential hazards, and it is crucial to schedule regular inspection appointments.

In this way, one can better keep up with any repair work, with flue inspection and removal of debris, and ensure that elements such as the chimney cap and even the floor around one’s fireplace are also being kept safe for children.

Be sure to check out the Top 5 Signs You Need Chimney Repair in Denver, Colorado.

How Often Should You Schedule a Chimney Inspection?

The system needs yearly inspections. To make sure the requirements and standards for fireplaces, stoves, and chimneys are met. Annual inspections, chimney repairs, and maintenance are essential for maintaining health and safety standards.

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faq iconCommon FAQs

If you have further questions or concerns, make sure to Explore Our Diverse Chimney Services.

What is a child chimney sweep?

Child chimney sweeps would tend to chimney fires and were employed at the young age of 6-12 years old. The workers would climb into the chimney and use brushes and scrapers to loosen creosote from the walls.

Obviously, we’ve come a long way since then and now know just how dangerous childhood exposure to so many of these elements can truly be, which is why keeping one’s chimney child-safe is so important.

Instead, if you’re in need of a modern-day Denver Chimney Sweep in Colorado, we have the solution for you.

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What are the first signs of a chimney fire?

Loud crackling sounds, extraneous gaseous smells, and smoke. A powerful and intense heat smell will be among the very first warning signs, so it’s important to teach children about these early warning signs and what measures to take, such as stop-drop-and-roll, to preserve their safety.

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