How do You Know if Something is Wrong with Your Chimney?

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Property owners often look past the chimney on top of the roof, but neglecting this structure may cause minor and significant issues.

No one wants to fall victim to chimney fires, a clogged chimney flue, or other chimney issues, but regular inspections are required to avoid current or further deterioration of the system.

Introducing Professional Chimney Sweep Diagnostics with Local Professionals in Denver

The Chimney Kings is a locally owned business in Denver, Colorado, dedicated to serving the community with comprehensive repairs for chimney and masonry damage!

When you contact our local chimney masonry repair team, our technicians will start a detailed and thorough inspection process to analyze any problems the client is experiencing.

A Chimney Inspector Offers Full Examination

Homeowners should commit to a chimney inspection and professional chimney sweep for maintenance at least once annually.

Your chimney masonry professional will offer a complete inspection of the internal and external components and provide any necessary repairs or maintenance required.

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A Certified Chimney Sweep will Keep Your Property Protected

A routine chimney sweep can help to keep the space clean and free of loose debris, creosote buildup, and masonry damage! It will also help keep the fireplace operating safely and at optimal capacity.

Avoiding Future Chimney Problems

Local chimney services are available to inspect the structure, diagnose common chimney problems, and provide regular maintenance for your house.

This can help prevent small cracks from becoming larger and minor water leaks from becoming catastrophic, avoiding unnecessary repairs.

call the chimney kingsWhen Chimney Inspections Reveal Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairs

Homeowners may not always be aware when chimney repair in Denver is required, but there are often common signs that can and will reveal many issues that can arise.

Damages to the unit can cause more considerable hazards to your home. This is especially true when burning wood or general use of the fireplace structure.

Remaining prepared requires Denverites to enlist the help of chimney masonry pros to ensure the safety of the household, and there are many signs that something may be going wrong.

Staining to the Chimney Structure

Chimneys across Colorado are constantly exposed to the elements, and over time, clients may notice staining or discoloration throughout the bricks.

This is referred to as efflorescence and happens when the chimney is exposed to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and water damage.

It is an easy fix with chimney professionals and should be taken care of as soon as possible to avoid further breakdown, deterioration, and major repairs.

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Rusting Requires Chimney Repairs

Rust should never be something you notice on your fireplace, the chimney damper, the chimney cap, or anywhere throughout the system.

Chimneys are built to last, but rust may begin to develop just like other property components. This may be harmless or a sign of more significant problems within the bricks.

top chimney services iconPersistent Chimney Crown Damage

If your household in Denver currently has a cracked chimney crown or problems with the chimney cap, this should be handled more urgently.

Chimney crowns act as a barrier to the internal components of the structure and protect everything from the harshness of Centennial State’s elements.

Through the seasons, snow buildup, hail, and rain can cause severe moisture buildup within the bricks and crown area, creating a crack or multiple cracks that can extend through the flue lining.

Issues with Mortar Joints

Mortar ties chimney materials together, and damaged mortar joints can deteriorate quickly.

When the mortar is exposed to the freezing cold Colorado Winters and heats back up in the Summer, its materials can begin to weaken, causing cracking and further chimney leaning or collapse!

With The Chimney Kings, our services are available to prevent the need for large, more costly repair jobs and tackle the problem from its source as soon as possible!

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Shaling Within Fireplace

Have you noticed chimney tiles in your fireplace? If so, you are likely experiencing a clear sign of flu damage, which is a sign that all homeowners should remain alert for, as this is a prominent safety issue.

This is a significant fire hazard and will immediately place Denver homeowners on high alert. The flue lining may be cracked and yet to crumble, so it’s wise to maintain year-round chimney inspections for signs of damage!

Spalling Problems

This is an external issue usually seen around the roof area and toward the bottom of the chimney. It is a result of excessive moisture and water damage.

These are critical repair services as the masonry will only continue downhill, destabilizing the entire chimney structure.

Pay Attention to Your Walls and Ceilings

Don’t ignore the importance of regular inspections; with the help of chimney and roof specialists, you can maintain a high-quality system for the property!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your home’s walls and ceilings because even they can expose signs of internal chimney issues. Damage to your paint or wallpaper is often a symptom of water infiltration and unsecured moisture.

But all of these problems can be caught before they happen or worsen with the help of the experts with The Chimney Kings in Denver, CO!

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FAQS Around Chimney Masonry Services in Denver

How will I know if I need a new chimney?

When a chimney system is damaged, it won’t immediately need to be replaced. It is easy to take your mind to the worst place when you notice cracking, flue damage, or smoking inside the fireplace.

However, working with licensed chimney inspection experts can offer a more insightful perspective on moving forward with extensive damage.

There are signs that the chimney is on its way to a complete replacement or significant repairs:

  • Excessive chimney cracks.
  • Leaning chimney structures.
  • Missing caps and cracks in chimney crown.
  • Fire hazard and safety concerns.

What are the typical symptoms of a blocked chimney?

When a chimney system is blocked, homeowners will generally notice rather quickly. If you are experiencing any of these visible signs, the problem should be addressed immediately.

  • Persistent smoke odors.
  • Debris stuck in the hearth.
  • Soot buildup.
  • Issues with the fireplace or wood-burning stove operations.
  • Carbon monoxide device warnings.

What is the most expensive chimney repair service?

Basic damaged bricks or mortar don’t cost you an arm and a leg to resolve, but if there is intensive structural damage due to external factors or poor construction, clients may be looking at a larger bill.

This can be easily avoided with the help of local chimney pros in Denver, and those designated specialists should always keep your best interest in mind when committing to a repair job. A leaning chimney is one of the most costly repairs within the chimney masonry industry!

crumbling chimney bricks denver

How can I fix the crumbling brick on the chimney?

Once a chimney’s bricks start to crumble and fall, it is likely not in the best shape of its life. Professionals will likely make one of the following repair options:

  • Chimney reporting.
  • New mortar or caulking application.
  • Patching.
  • Cracked brick repair.
  • Utilizing new bricks for replacement.

Don’t Question Chimney Damage, Call Professional Chimney Sweeps to Maintain The Structural Integrity

Denver residents and homeowners should contact a local, certified chimney masonry technician from the time when they notice cracks!

A damaged chimney can quickly grow worse, causing internal problems for your fireplace and wood stove and, in worst-case scenarios, resulting in a house fire. Safety comes first with the experts at The Chimney Kings!

Our local chimney sweep specialists will help you through the most complex chimney repair services and offer complimentary inspections to clients throughout Mile High City.

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