Fireplace Remodeling Ideas and Trends for Your Denver Home

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Your fireplace is more than a functional heat source; it is the aesthetic focal point of any room. The outlook for fireplace design in 2024 is red hot, and several trends and stylistic finishes are taking center stage.

Want to transform your drab fireplace into a statement piece? Here are some of the top trends and simple ideas to overhaul the look of your living room, family room, bedroom, or even outdoor fireplace:

fireplace design2024’s Hottest Living Room Fireplace Trends

It’s a new year, which means new beginnings, and for many homeowners, a refresh is a much-welcome breath of fresh air. Updating your fireplace or having a new fireplace professionally installed is at the top of your “must-do” list, but what are some of the trending styles in Denver fireplaces?

Whether you are updating your existing fireplace or starting from scratch, the pros at Chimney Kings can provide you with expert chimney inspection services and professional chimney repair solutions.

two tone fireplace design

Two-Tone Fireplace Surround

Two-tone fireplaces add a complex visual interest while instantly modernizing your home. A classic combination of black wood and white marble is elegant, but you can also utilize whichever color scheme will work with your room’s space.

For example, take a cue from the room’s color scheme and use it as inspiration for your duotone fireplace. For example, if you have wood paneling, utilize the same wood tone for the mantel while painting the fireplace a complementary color.

real stone fireplace denver

The Understated Elegance of Real Stone

A simple brick fireplace has been the gold standard for centuries, but if you want to break free from this conventional, outdated look and instead opt for a more rustic, earthy finish, look to natural stone.

Natural stone can mimic the look of brick or be installed in large slabs to create a more seamless finished appearance.

Not all natural stones are acceptable for your fireplace surround, and ledge stone, fieldstone, and manufactured stone are three great options. Of course, you cannot go wrong with high-end stone, including marble, slate, quartz, and granite.

straight lines and curved design

Forget Straight Lines – Curves and Fluted Finishes Are Hot Design Elements

If you are a fan of the minimalist aesthetic but want to add a fun twist to an otherwise mundane finish, opt for a curved or fluted fireplace.

Fluting is an ancient technique that uses shallow groves to play with the light and shadows in the room. The fluting can be thin or bulky and is a chic way to modernize a boring traditional fireplace.

Curved fireplaces are another architectural wonder that adds three-dimensional interest and are perfect for larger spaces, such as homes featuring an open floor plan that can accommodate the unique design.

Whether you opt for a modern curved model or a linear fireplace, let the Chimney Kings team offer specialized firebox repair services!

metallic finish fireplace design

Metallic FinishesMetallic Finishes

Metal is a versatile material and the perfect way to update the fireplace in your Denver home.

Sure, aesthetics are important, but besides looking brilliant, metal fireplace surrounds are sturdy and easy to maintain.

In many cases, a custom metal fireplace is far less expensive to install than your run-of-the-mill brick, stone, or wood surround.

Upgrading a Traditional Fireplace? 8 Simple Tips to Make Your Fireplace a True Focal Point

2024 is the year of fireplace makeovers, and now that you already have the best team in Denver to provide you with expert fireplace repair services, you are ready to give your fireplace a facelift.

Are you absolutely out of fireplace ideas or simply need some inspiration to start your journey? Here are ten simple, creative, and downright fun tips to upgrade your fireplace:

glass fireplace door with hinges

Upgrade to Glass Fireplace Doors

If you’ve always assumed that glass fireplace doors are tacky and actually take away from the natural beauty of your brick or stone fireplace, think again.

Today’s styles are far removed from the etched or frosted doors you remember at your grandmother’s house. Modern glass doors are sleek, understated, and elegant, enhancing the look of your fireplace rather than soiling it.

Glass Fireplace Doors Are Elegant and Safe

As a bonus to their ornamental appeal, glass doors enhance the safety of your fireplace. The doors not only keep curious kids or pets from climbing into the firebox, but they also protect your furnishings from smoke and fire damage.

Want to learn more? Here are some quick and essential fireplace safety guidelines.

mantel remodeling services

Upgrade Your Outdated Mantel

The mantel is the true focal point of fireplaces. While many homeowners opt to ditch mantels altogether in favor of a sleek look, you understand the functional and ornamental value of a thoughtful mantel.

Rustic wood mantels are a hot trend, as are concrete and metal mantels. Replace your massive, oversized mantel with a more diminutive, understated model.

Having trouble determining which mantel will work with your updated fireplace? Contact us for your fireplace remodel and some expert tips and suggestions!

Breathe New Life into Your Interior Fireplace with a Fresh Coat of Paint

In the past, stark white walls with a brick fireplace painted white were very fashionable.

Unfortunately, in addition to making the space feel cold and uninviting, a monochromatic color scheme makes the fireplace blend into the background rather than standing out and drawing the eye.

A fresh coat of paint over a brick fireplace is a great way to rejuvenate the dining room or living room and is ideal for covering up any staining and discoloration.

warm tone fireplace remodel in denver

Trendy Paint Colors for Exposed Brick Fireplaces

The right color will make your fireplace stand out even more and is a dramatic way to makeover the space without breaking the bank. Here are some of the hottest colors for your Denver fireplace in 2024:

  • Warm tones: You cannot go wrong with a warm natural tan, terracotta, or earthy green; just make sure that, ultimately, whatever color you choose, it complements the mantel and surrounding wall color.
  • Cool grays: Gray has been a stylish color throughout the U.S., and this isn’t going to change any time soon. To stay on-trend, choose cool tones of gray rather than warmer hues.
  • Subdued whites: If you love the look of painted white brick, stay away from stark, bright shades in favor of softer whites.

Functional iconUse Tile to Create a Functional, Modern Fireplace Hearth

The correct tile pattern can draw focus to your fireplace surround and make your home feel modern and fashionable. Conversely, the wrong tile can date your fireplace – So what should you choose? Prefer simplicity? Choose a monochromatic architectural style to add dimension.

A patterned tile will make your fireplace pop, as will sculptural wall tiles. Whatever you choose, especially if the pattern is eye-catching and colorful, ensure the tones work with the color scheme in the space.

marble tile fireplace design

Which Tiles Can Withstand the Heat of a Traditional Fireplace or Gas Fireplace?

Wood-burning fireplaces can reach temperatures over 500 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you must choose materials that can withstand this intense heat.

Of course, real stone and brick are top contenders, but if you want something more artistic and vibrant, including patterned or painted tiles, a common theme throughout Denver, ceramic and porcelain should be at the top of your list.

Never install peel-and-stick, plastic, or vinyl tiles around or near your fireplace. Are you ready to redo your fireplace but need some repairs and a chimney sweep first? Here are the top 5 signs you need Denver chimney repair and your guide to Denver chimney maintenance.

Cover Outdated Brick with Manufactured Veneer

For many busy Americans, saving money is a top priority in this stormy financial climate. If you love the look of stone but aren’t thrilled about the price, there is a perfect alternative: manufactured stone veneer. The veneer mimics the look of authentic stone but for a fraction of the initial investment.

Stone veneer is also lightweight, very easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and, of course, cost is the most significant upside.

If you need to reinvigorate your fireplace from top to bottom, including choosing the right chimney cap or need brick tuckpointing expertise, the team at the Chimney Kings is here to help.

rustic fireplace design

Create a Warm and Cozy Family Room with a Rustic Fireplace Surround

The rustic aesthetic is alive and well in Colorado, which probably isn’t surprising! However, if you prefer the chic, elevated rustic look, there are ways for you to create a cozy space while staying very much on trend.

For example, layered textures are a more modernized take on the earthy elemental style that is the signature of the rustic look.

Instead of one-dimensional stone, consider layer bricks to create focal interest and pair perfectly with a reclaimed wood mantel.

Rustic hues of deep browns, muted greens, and colors inspired by pastoral scenes will continue to dominate throughout 2024 and beyond.

Elegant Beauty iconThe Elegant Beauty of a Full-Height, Floor-to-Ceiling Fireplace

No other fireplace trend is as spectacular and eye-catching as a floor-to-ceiling fireplace.

As the name suggests, the fireplace surround extends up to the ceiling, but this modern fireplace trend isn’t for everyone.

For example, if you have low ceilings and a lack of available floor space, the full-height fireplace can overwhelm the room, making it seem even smaller.

On the flip side, if you have elegant, vaulted ceilings, a full-height fireplace will draw the eye upwards, making the room seem massive!

extra cabinets near fireplace

Add Extra Storage Space with Built-In Cabinets

Built-in cabinets surrounding your fireplace are the perfect way to add more storage without wasting precious floor space.

Create a modern space with hidden storage for your firewood, bookshelves, and niches to display artwork and family photos. Built-in shelving and storage are the ideal way to help your fireplace blend in with the rest of the house.

Room Divider Fireplaces Add Some Serious “Wow’ Factor

Believe it or not, open-concept living spaces, one of the most groundbreaking design trends for the last several decades, are falling out of favor, especially in several Denver properties.

Homeowners now want to enjoy distinctive spaces, but if you don’t love the idea of putting up partitions or creating zones with furniture and rugs, why not employ some out-of-the-box thinking?

Room divider fireplaces allow you to create discrete areas in a large room without interrupting the space’s flow.

You will also create comfort and warmth throughout the whole space, and if you are selling your Denver home any time in the future, this modern take on a traditional fireplace will attract buyers!

double sided fireplace

Options for Your Room Dividers

There are three popular options available for your Denver home, including:

  • Triple-sided fireplace: This fireplace features three exposed transparent walls.
  • Double-sided fireplace: Two exposed transparent walls create a distinctive look.
  • Media fireplace: A narrow, horizontally installed gas or electric fireplace is placed in a partition, media center, or floating wall.

Mistakes That Make Your Fireplace Surround Look Dated

Let’s face it: a wood stove, electric fireplace, or traditional wood-burning fireplace is the only way to survive the horrific Colorado winters.

Does your fireplace clash with the rest of your home’s decor, and you desperately need a change? Here are some common mistakes that can make your old, dusty, and outdated:

Old, Ugly, Outdated Accessories

You would never wear gaudy jewelry, so why would you adorn your fireplace with unfashionable accessories? Ditch the gold-plated or brass screens for sleek, modern glass doors or dark metal screens.

While upgrading your accessories, don’t ignore the rest of your chimney’s upkeep. Explore our comprehensive chimney services and learn about Denver chimney inspection: timing and importance.

cluttered mantel is dangerous

An Outdated, Cluttered Mantel

Most families’ fireplace mantel is a sacred space where they display family photos or their favorite decorative seasonal trinkets.

If you find yourself going overboard, and your once elegant mantel is now a busy mess, limit yourself to a few framed photos or Christmas decorations.

Fireplace MakeoverCan’t Afford a Fireplace Makeover? A Thorough Deep Cleaning Really Can Make All the Difference

Often, all your fireplace needs to look updated, elegant, and eye-catching is a thorough cleaning.

If you have a traditional red brick fireplace, here are some steps you can take to make it look spic and span in a matter of minutes:

  • Use a brush to remove dust, loose dirt, and other debris.
  • Rinse off the brick before cleaning every inch, including the mortar, with a store-bought cleaner or a mixture of dish soap and ammonia or white vinegar.
  • Continue to rinse and repeat this process until the bricks look new again.

While cleaning the bricks, don’t forget to call the pros at the Chimney Kings to provide comprehensive chimney cleaning services!

gas fireplace replacment

Should I Upgrade to a Gas Fireplace in 2024?

One of the most frequently asked questions for 2024 is, “Should I switch from wood-burning to a gas fireplace?”

Gas fireplaces have grown in popularity for several reasons, but it is essential to know that while gas-operated models have many advantages, there are downsides.

Pros and Cons of Gas Fireplaces

Most gas fireplaces run on propane or natural gas, and both options are readily available throughout Colorado.

In addition to helping you understand the ups and downs of gas fireplaces, the Chimney Kings provide extensive services and advice, including debunking common Denver chimney myths and selecting the right wood for your fireplace.

easy maintenance fireplace

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Unlike a wood-burning fireplace, which requires hours or days of expert bricklaying, most gas inserts can be installed in a matter of minutes. This will allow you to save thousands on your initial investment.

Protect Your Furniture from Accidental Smoke and Fire Damage

When a fireplace is not regularly inspected or cleaned, dangerous creosote buildup can occur. In addition to being a leading cause of accidental house fires, excess buildup in your fireplace can negatively impact its efficiency.

Instead of smoke rising through the fireplace, it will be diverted into your home. This is not a concern if you opt for a gas or electric fireplace.

lack of propane tanks

Lack of Propane Availability

Unfortunately, availability and fluctuating costs are real issues. It is not uncommon that you find problems finding reliable access to propane during the winter.

Safety Concerns

Without proper ventilation, gas-burning fireplaces can release dangerous carbon monoxide gas into your home. This is why we recommend having your gas fireplace inspected and cleaned annually.

Create an Enviable Outdoor Living Space: Should I Install Outdoor Fireplace in my Denver Backyard?

Colorado winters can be brutal, but the reward for the snow, ice, and cold is an undeniably beautiful summer and fall.

Of course, the downside of seasonable Colorado summers is that you cannot enjoy the comfort of your indoor fireplace.

If you spend most of your summer outdoors, why not enjoy the same cozy ambiance of your living room fireplace in your outdoor space?

fireplace custom remodel

A Custom Fireplace Adds Value to Your Property

Denver has been and will continue to have a red-hot residential property market, and if you want to get a leg up on the competition, consider adding a custom fireplace to your backyard deck or patio. In addition to adding warmth and ambiance, outdoor fireplaces extend your outdoor living space!

Expert Care for Your Fireplace

With several years of serving residents in the Denver Metro, the Chimney Kings are here to provide expert care and meet all your fireplace needs.

Need more help understanding chimney crowns? How about Chimney Lining: What You Need to Know? Our expert crew is here to answer all your burning questions!

The Premier Fireplace, Cleaning, and Maintenance Team in the Denver, Colorado, Area

Now that you’ve read our comprehensive Denver home fireplace guide, chances are you want to learn about our expert team!

Our company started with the basic philosophy that there is nothing more important than family and that caring for your fireplace protects your investment and loved ones!

roof maintenance denver

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We offer a wide variety of professional services that are guaranteed to meet all your needs, including:

Our Customers Also Ask

How do you modernize an existing fireplace?

There are several cost-effective ways to modernize your tired-looking fireplace, including:

  • A fresh coat of paint
  • Upgrade the mantel or trim
  • Install a fireplace insert
  • Replace the outdated hearth

can i remodel my fireplace

Can a fireplace be remodeled?

Absolutely! A fireplace can easily be remodeled for and cheaper than you think. For example, a new brick veneer can easily be installed over your existing fireplace surround to update your entire space without breaking the bank. You can also replace the red brick with stone, including granite or marble.

How much does it cost to reface a fireplace?

A full replacement of your fireplace can cost several thousand dollars, so refacing is a far more economical solution, but only if the major components of the fireplace, including the hearth and firebox, are not damaged. Expect to pay between $600 and $4,500 to paint or refill your fireplace professionally.

electric fireplace design in denver

What fireplaces are in style for 2024?

Several up-and-coming styles are in vogue, including fluted surrounds, floor-to-ceiling surrounds, and swapping out a brick-burning firebox or a gas or electric insert. Modern Denver homeowners are switching to gas or electric because they are more environmentally friendly.

How do I update my fireplace 2024?

The easiest way to update your fireplace for the new year is to update to a natural stone fireplace, install a sleek, smaller mantel, and, of course, the most significant trend is to ensure your fireplace is working at peak efficiency, which is where our team can help!

industrial fireplace remodel

What is the trend in fireplaces?

Stone, earth tones, and natural elements are some of the biggest trends. A metal fireplace surround is functional and beautiful if you prefer a more industrial, modern look. Stay away from over-adorned mantels and stick to clean lines and neutral tones.

How can I make my fireplace look cool?

A simple refresh or remodel is the best way to transform your outdated fireplace into a cool focal point. This can be achieved easily with a fresh coat of paint, a new mantel, and a taller hearth. If you are on a budget, sometimes all your fireplace needs is a deep cleaning!

oversized remodel of firebox

What is the new trend for fireplaces?

Clean lines, flush-mounted fireplaces, oversized, dramatic fireboxes, and unique corner fireplaces will be some of the hottest emerging trends for 2024 and beyond.

What type of fireplace is most popular?

More and more homeowners are installing gas fireplaces. However, when it comes to overall popularity throughout Colorado and beyond, wood-burning fireplaces are still the most popular! This is because, quite simply, nothing beats the warmth and beauty of a crackling fire!

fully colored fireplace remodel

What color fireplace makes a room look bigger?

Light colors always make a room look bigger, but be careful when painting your fireplace or refacing your fireplace with any type of natural stones.

To make the fireplace stand out while making the room seem bigger, use a color that is a few shades lighter than the wall color. Choose a similar shade in a warmer hue if you have white walls.

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