Fireplace and Chimney Design Trends for Modern Homes in Denver

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Your indoor, wood-burning fireplace is more than just the centerpiece of your home.

It provides supplemental heat during the harsh Denver winters. However, just because your fireplace is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish!

Upgrade your living room fireplace by following these hottest trends for modern Denver homes in 2024.

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2024 Colorado Fireplace in denver

2024 Colorado Fireplace and Chimney Trends

Modern homes can feel cold and austere, so many sophisticated Colorado homeowners look to their living room, bedroom, or dining room to add a touch of warmth.

If your current fireplace doesn’t reflect your sophisticated style, it’s time to upgrade.

Create a Cozy Fire in Your Denver Outdoor Space

Have you ever looked out across your snow-covered backyard or patio and wished you could enjoy the unused space in the heart of winter?

If you’re like most homeowners who don’t have the budget for a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen, you can still transform your outdoor space into a four-season oasis with an outdoor fireplace.

fireplace in bathroom trend colorado

Fireplaces in Bathrooms?

Fireplaces aren’t just for dens and master bedrooms anymore!

Tub-side fireplaces, particularly vertical fireplaces, are a growing trend because they maximize wall space while allowing you to enjoy a cozy fire as you rest and relax in your tub after a long day.

Want to learn about how to use your new fireplace safely? Check out Your Guide to Fireplace Safety in Modern Homes.

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Contemporary Materials and Understated Elegance

Designers have been using natural stone in the construction of fireplaces for decades. The product is timeless and elegant and works with any aesthetic.

If you want to integrate natural materials into your Colorado home, here are modern natural stone fireplace trends to consider:

  • Crisp, white monochromatic marble
  • Upscale textured rustic/country design brings the outdoors inside
  • Vintage-inspired, mid-century modern colors

marble fireplace i

From Bedrooms to Dining Rooms: Lessen Your Impact with Stone Veneer

From New England to the California coast and beyond, the fireplace industry has been dominated by environmentally conscious trends over the last decade, which is not expected to change.

Manufactured natural stone veneer mimics the look of marble, travertine, slate, or any other product imaginable but for a fraction of the cost.

A veneer is more cost-effective and looks fantastic, and because you aren’t purchasing newly harvested stone, you are lessening your environmental impact.

Floor to Ceiling Fireplaces

Ask your designer about floor-to-ceiling fireplaces if you want to make a bold statement.

Fully vertical fireplaces are not only trendy but also draw focus away from your low ceiling while making a cold modern space feel more warm and inviting.

Fireplaces are cozy and safe, but only if properly cared for. Protect your friends and family by checking out this Chimney Safety Tips for Denver Families

minimalist fireplace under flat TV screen

2024 Is the Year of Minimalism, Eco-Friendly Design, and Smart Technology Integration

From kitchen cabinets to flooring, garages, and beyond, people across the world are embracing minimalism over clutter.

This is reflected in modern fireplace trends, as well. In addition to simplicity, people are also focusing more on energy efficiency and the convenience of smart technology.

A Push Towards Simplicity Throughout Your Entire House

No two spaces are alike, but most Colorado homes have one thing in common: The desire for sleek lines, contemporary colors, and in the case of fireplaces, elegant simplicity.

If you are still looking for the right fireplace style to complement your modern Denver home, look on Pinterest or flip through design magazines for inspiration.

You can also Contact Us for Your Fireplace and Chimney Needs in Denver!

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Many Colorado Homeowners Prefer the Beauty and Energy Efficiency of Gas Fireplaces

From floor-to-ceiling windows that flood your home with natural lighting to neutral colors, curved furniture, and oversized artwork, Colorado homeowners on the cutting edge tend to adopt several modern trends.

If you are considering putting your home on the market or simply want to avoid dealing with the extra mess and hassle of traditional wood-burning fireplaces, efficient gas fireplaces are a perfect investment.

Gas fireplaces are not only elegant, but they are also more environmentally friendly and typically cheaper to maintain and operate.

smart fireplace installation in denver co

Create the Perfect Home with Smart Fireplaces

Colorado homeowners living in older homes will significantly benefit from the cost-saving potential of smart fireplace technology.

Wi-fi enabled fireplaces allow you to not only turn your fireplace on and off with your smartphone but also control the temperature and the color of the flames with a touch of a button.

This is convenient, and this feature allows you to control your fireplace while away from home.

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People Also Ask

What is the trend in fireplace design in 2024?

From colored grout and monochromatic lighting to the push towards letting in Mother Nature and natural light, there are several hot interior design trends to watch for in 2024. Many trends center on fireplace design, as well.

Here are some trends you will see and want to take advantage of moving forward:

  • Customization
  • Sustainability
  • Voice automation
  • Open gas fireplaces
  • Double-sided fireplaces
  • Large mantels

At the Chimney Kings, we know all about the latest fireplace trends and so much more. If you want to learn more, read Your Ultimate Denver Chimney Maintenance Guide.

fireplace wall designers in colorado

How to design a fireplace wall?

You’ve designed an impressive modern fireplace, but what about the surrounding wall? Here are a few ideas to perfectly integrate your replacement fireplace with the rest of the space:

  • Surround the fireplace with custom cabinetry
  • Install the television next to, not above, the fireplace
  • Hang artwork on both sides that complements the mantel

Are brick fireplaces coming back in style?

Brick fireplaces will never go out of style, but more Colorado homeowners are moving away from traditional red brick fireplaces in favor of a monochromatic color scheme.

For example, if you are painting the fireplace white, use white grout as well.

Proper maintenance is critical after installing a natural stone or brick fireplace. Check out our Why and When to Get a Denver Chimney Inspection.

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